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Indonesia Tour Packages
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Very well-known to be the expert of its TAILOR-MADE packages throughout the country, we are at Adventure Indonesia will do our best to make the holiday packages to suit your need.

ADVENTURE INDONESIA specializing in Wildlife, Cultural and Adventure active tours in Indonesia, even to remote area. Our company works and operates as a TEAM. You are supporting by our reliable and experienced tour staff, guide, administrator and reservation staffs.

clients testimonialAs a first hand Indonesia Travel Company, our primary goal is to provide our clients with exceptional travel experiences in Indonesia.

Nowadays, we have been established business cooperation with several top overseas Travel Agencies, whole sales or individuals. Some of them have trusted us to be their representative in Indonesia for adventure traveling handling.

Please contact us if you interested in our program or intend us to create a customized trip by your request.

For Travel Agencies, we could be running the trip in Indonesia as a part of your company's name here. We designs trips for groups of all sizes, interests, and demographics as per your company's needs.

We provide same level of services both for individual travelers and for groups - ready to TAILOR-MAKE the tour programs according to your requests. Our main target is to reach to the maximum of satisfaction of our clients.

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At Adventure Indonesia, we have searched for those out of the way places that offer true adventure. We have studied primates and rainforest conservation in Central Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. Followed the rivers deep into the jungle interior. Climbed the highest volcanoes and climbed Carstensz Pyramid, one of the World's famous Seven Summits. Tracked the endangered Java Rhino and other elusive species.

You can join us for the adventure of a lifetime in our country of Indonesia. Since 1996, we have shared our travel experiences as the trusted local Indonesian operator of many large overseas travel agencies.

We journey throughout our islands: Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda, Bali, Papua Island (formerly called Irian) and many more. Our trips unveil the magical natural history, wildlife and culture of our ancient land.

We are great travelers ourselves, adventuring most of our lives. In 1997, our owner Monty Sorongan organized the Two Big ARMY-Special Force (Kopassus) Expeditions to Climb Mt. Everest from Nepal and Tibet side.These expeditions placed the first Indonesian National Team on the summit of Mt. Everest.President of Republic Indonesia gave him a medal for his achievement . Also the Government of Nepal appointed Adventure Indonesia as Official Tourism Representative in Indonesia.

Monty Sorongan was also the director of Nature Tourism Department of ASITA (The Association of Indonesian Tour & Travel Agency), the only and the official association of travel agents and tour operators in Indonesia.

We know our country intimately. When you embark on your adventure with us, we provide a higher, more informed level of service. We answer your questions with first hand knowledge, from our heart. Your comfort and safety are paramount - and thanks God, we have a zero accident reputation.


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