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2016 Expedition Schedule



Carstensz Expedition is highest order of ADVENTURE INDONESIA services with long time trade mark. It is the master piece of arrangement, one among our many trip that we operate in Papua. Please check our value on Ultimate Trekking & Sugapa Route

We operate all option for Carstensz Expedition, please take a look the option below:

From Access to Base Camp (and out from Base Camp) perspective:
1. Trekking Expedition, Our Expedition start the trekking from Sugapa Village.
2. Helicopter flight, take off to Base Camp from Nabire (return to Nabire after Expedition).

** Helicopter Expedition available on Request, IF THE HELICOPTER AVAILABLE.
*** IF, the helicopter is available, these access (Trekking & Helicopter) could be combine.

3. Land Access from FREEPORT MINING (NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, 100% Closed for Climbers).
*** It is ILEGAL, Dangerous your safe and Against The Law***

Each access have advantage and weakness, trekking give best acclimatization and full experience (great cultural, wonderful scenery, interact with local tribe) but take longer duration.

From participants perspective:  
1. PRIVATE EXPEDITION (Only you / your team / group - no other clients)
2. International Expedition Open Departure (Open for Everybody to join in)

ADVENTURE INDONESIA have significant result and best success rate also summit rate. Only on 2008 We have complete 9 Expedition with 12 Summits, this is really great achievements. Thank you very much for your support and great cooperation, we do hope to have best relation with you and all climber. That is our great honor to assist every climber complete REAL SEVEN SUMMITS. 

Expedition Departure Schedule 2016

We have prepared departure for 2016 that open for every climbers. We scheduled one expedition per month to give maximum support and best satisfaction, clients will have best safety, secure, support, services and surely highest success chance. Join us and enjoy the truly Lifetime Experience

For PRIVATE EXPEDITION we are ready every time you want, contact us for the availability. Please take a look the 2016 departure date below:


2016 Expedition Schedule Detail
Departure Date Access Remarks Status
January 19th 2016  Trekking   Open
February 09th 2016 Trekking   Open
March 01st 2016 Trekking   Open
March 22nd 2016 Trekking PRIVATE RESERVED
April 02nd 2016 Helicopter Nabire/Timika Open
April 19th 2016  Trekking   Open
April 26th 2016 Trekking  PRIVATE RESERVED
May 10th 2016 Trekking   Open
May 14th 2016 Helicopter TIMIKA 05 Places Available
May 16th 206 Helicopter TIMIKA Open (09 Places)
May 18th 2016 Trekking PRIVATE RESERVED
June 07th 2016 Trekking PRIVATE RESERVED
June 11th 2016 Helicopter Nabire/Timika Open
June 30th 2016 Trekking   Open
July 19th 2016 Trekking   Open
July 23rd 2016 Helicopter Nabire Open
July 26th 2016 Trekking PRIVATE RESERVED
July 31st 2016 Helicopter Timika RESERVED
August 02nd 2016 Trekking   Open
August 25th 2016 Helicopter TIMIKA Open (09 Places)
August 27th 2016 Helicopter TIMIKA Open (09 Places)
September 06th 2016 Trekking   Open
September 20th 2016 Trekking PRIVATE RESERVED
October 08th 2016 Helicopter Nabire Open
October 11th 2016 Trekking   Open
November 05th 2016 Helicopter   Open
November 08th 2016 Trekking   Open
November 22nd 2016 Helicopter TIMIKA Open (09 Places)
November 24th 2016 Helicopter TIMIKA Open (09 Places)
* Trekking Joining Expedition needs minimum quota 05 (FIVE) Participants / Climbers to depart
** We are not scheduling Joining Expedition on December due Papua Rebel Army (armed and dangers) always very active. They celebrates many big days including their birthday on December. 
** Please contact us for PRIVATE Expedition option.