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March 2008

Completed All True World's 7 Summits:
Mr. Dirk Stephen, Mr. Nikolaus Mangitsis and Mr. Robert Huygh.
Soeren Smidt, Henrik Kristiansen, Rupert Heider

dirk stephan

march 2008 summiter
Robert Huygh (Belgia)


rupert heider

Rupert Heider & Dirk Stephan

We did success summit clients that have been cheating 04 TIMES by other different operators. They have experience very bad time, 04 times tricky and get NO REFUND. After all bad condition, they just come to us and we summit them once! :

the first greek seven summiter on carstensz pyramidHi Ferdinand
I'm Nikos Mangitsis from Greece, I hope you remember me (and you know for sure our story at Papoua 4 times there ) -- note : WITH OTHERs 4 DIFFERENT COMPANIES
Please tell me if you can organize everything for Carstensz Pyramid (we like helicopter or an other 100% way to reach the base camp). we FAILED 4 times, please take care this time, thanks!
We will come on March with my friends (we are 3 persons). Is it OK for you? Please tell me if you have any other group to join the climb, or if you can send with us a guide, and organize the base camp.
At the end send me the schedule and the cost.
Thanks alot