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MARCH 2009 Carstensz Summiter :

Hiroyuki Kuraoka, Junichi Shinozaki, Takenori Yoshida, Vlado Haluska

summit picture march 2009


summit carstensz february 2009

Dear Mr. Tabaluyan,

This email is from your client Vlado Haluska. Would you happen to have email addresses of Zoltan Acs and xyz? I would like to contact them. I would also like to thank you for providing memorable experience in the Papuan jungle. It was my fault that I could not enjoy it fully by returning on my own. I had no previous experience trekking in mud, rain, swamps and in constant rain. Overall, the trek was not so challenging and in the dry season, I would have probably manage much better. I take it as a good learning experience for the future.
Do you provide services for traveling to other places in Indonesia? After completing 7 summits, I would like to visit more Indonesian islands.

Thank you
Vlado Haluska