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Januari 2010 PRIVATE (Chinese) Expedition

Mr. Sun Bin, Ms. Chen Fang, Ms. Wang Qiuyang, Mr. Fan Wenjun
Mr. Ci Luo, Mr. Sun Chin, Mr. Liu Jian

chinese team summit carstensz

Dear Ferdinand Tabaluyan:
With Adventure Indonisia’s help, especially thanks to our guides Meldy Senduk/Jeni Dainga, we seven Chinese climbers summited Carstensz at last. It was a very exciting expedition, the mountain was excellent, the guides were very professional, the “world hardest trekking route” was really impressive. Although we met some emergency, but if everything was certain, maybe the expedition would not be that interesting. Anyway, thank you very much for all your hard job and hope to climb with your guys in the future.

Sun Bin
Chinese team leader