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Congratulation to October 2010 Summiter :

Mr. John D. Burns (US), Mr. John S. Carney (US), Ms. Julie Smith (US),
Mr. Marcin Smolarek (Poland),Mr. Tomasz Smaczny (Poland),
Mr. Stephan Giesecke (US), Mr. Zbigniew Nowacki (Poland).

october 2010 carstensz sumitter



John D. Burns (US)
Ferdinand - here is what I thought. Thanks again!!! John
"Adventure Indonesia, Wow! The Carstensz trek and summit was unbelievable. I want to wholeheartedly thank your professional staff, and guides.  Great service, great gear, great food! The rain forest was one of the most arduous, and satisfying, experiences of my climbing career. No other 7 Summit compares to the beauty of this approach. I highly recommend it for anyone up to the challenge who truly wants to appreciate the incredible biodiversity of a living, breathing rain forest.  The Moni Tribes were warm and considerate porters. It was extremely interesting living with these wonderful people, who seem, only so recently exposed to the outside world.   The Summit itself was more technical than I expected. The 3rd class rock climb with some exciting obstiacals to overcome added to the sense of achievement when we stood on top of Australia - Oceana.  Breathtaking!  Thank you again for the truly memorable experience!  
John Burns USA, CEO Source Management – China"

Zbigniew Nowacki (Poland):

Adventure Indonesia to profesjonaliści. Mają duże doświadczenie i potrafią zadbać o detale wyprawy na Carstensz Pyramid. Ich wiedza na temat Gór Sudirman, ekwipunku, niełatwej drogi przez dżunglę, oraz ludzi zamieszkujących te tereny jest duża, co daje poczucie bezpiecznego przebiegu ekspedycji. Czasem można odnieść wrażenie że to im najbardziej zależy na zdobyciu
tego szczytu. Potrafią rozmawiać, a ważne decyzje podejmowane są wspólnie z uczestnikami wyprawy. Poza tym to zgrany i sympatyczny zespół ludzi któremu można zaufać. Wyprawa w której uczestniczyłem została zorganizowana bardzo dobrze!!!

This expedition is incredible experience!!! Trek thru Papua jungle is hard. But yet we summit the Carstensz top successful, and it's invaluable prize for all. Adventure Indonesia organized the trip perfectly. Thanks to the professional A.I. team: Ferdinand, Meldy, Poxy, Martin. Thanks for your very good and hard-work. Thanks to our US-Poland team: Julie, Stephan, John D., John S., Marcin, and Tomasz. Good luck for your future plans!!!

Tomasz Smaczny (Poland)
"I am really very happy about how such difficult expedition has been organized. Due to a terrific leadership skill of Mr Meldy - our team leader and fantastic rock climbing and cooking talent of Mr Poxy - our climbing leader, everything went really fine. Adventure Indonesia Team is by far a reliable partner in this very demanding market.
Tomasz Smaczny from Poland."