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July 2011 Expedition


Robert Ronald Pospischil (United States of America)
Gabriel Joseph Viti JR (United States of America)
Stina Glavind Dalgaard Pedersen (Denmark) - COMPLETE SEVEN SUMMITS
Ruben Payan JR  (United States of America)
Raul Lopez Causin (Spain)

Summit on Thursday 14th July 2011 at 08:08 (GMT +9)

carstensz juli expedition

Even Raul Lopez already 67 years old and got some physical problem, we manage to summit him and return safe and secure on this unbeaten trek.  All 05 clibers done the Summit Bid with ADVENTURE INDONESIA guides (Mr. Poxy & Mr. Meldy).

To all adventurers:
Should you be perplexed as to which guide service to use on your trip to Carstensz in Indonesia then this may help you decide.

I climbed with Adventure Indonesia and was extremely happy in all aspects of the service. I have been on 14 expeditions including several Himalayan, Andes and European. I normally use one of two well known western guides services. I do very thorough research on each mountain and possible guide service for each particular mountain.
I chose Adventure Indonesia above the western services for the following reasons:
First, they are local and speak the native language and know the local customs. When you trek through Papua you will encounter many different tribes. Between the guides and local porters we had at least one person that could speak the tribal language and were aware of the particular customs. This proved invaluable to us on more than one occation.In addition these porters have made the trek many times and knew the route and alternative routes if the weather became a factor which it did.
Secondly the food was excellent, abundant and the guides were happy to adjust as our request were made from time to time.
Third, the guide and porters would allow you to trek at your own pace but never out of sight. We had different skill levels which resulted in our group getting spread out on most legs with hours between the fastest and slowest members. This was great for all and made for a more cohesive team.
Fourth , From our arrival to our departure Adventure Indonesia was there to ensure we were greated,checked in, had the proper gear and at the end of the climb accommodated all of us as we all had different agendas over the remaining days.
This was a very enjoyable experience with very professional support and attention to details that made our many demands be realized with no inconvenience to us.
Thank you once again!

Robert R Pospischil (USA)

Hello fellow climbers!

I have returned home safely from a wonderful trip on Carstensz.  I had a wonderful experience going with Adventure Indonesia and would recommend them to other climbers. The guides were very well organized and took care of all the climbers involved. My only recommendation is that you (WEAR GOOD QUALITY RAIN BOOTS) because it rains all the time.  Do not go cheap on the feet! You’ll need to remember this advice or you’ll regret it.  I wish everyone the very best with their future climbs!

Ruben Payan (USA)
If you have any further questions please email me at :

Dear Ferdinand,

Thank you very much for a great trip! It was very well planned and well organized. It is clear that Adventure Indonesia knows all about organizing Carstensz expeditions. The logistics set-up - both schedule and working with the porters worked perfectly. Your guides are very friendly and very good at their jobs! This goes for both Meldy, Poxy and Wanto. Food was plentyfull and very good.

Once again - a great, great trip - everything was very well planned and organized and your people that I meet - Meldy, Poxy and Wanto are professionals. And thanks again for the Jakarta tour with you- a great experience!

I will definitely visit Indonesia again, sometime in the future

Stina Glavind (Denmark)