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Clients Summit Detail On Summit Day 01, Wednesday 19 November 2014:

Babij Arkadiusz Adam (Poland),
Slawomir Maksymilian Krok (Poland) – Sixth from Seven
Samuel William Short (United Kingdom)
Szczepan Janusz Brzeski (Poland)
Unai Llantada Vivanco (Spain)
Edward James Buckingham (United Kingdom) – Seven Summits Complete
Atanas Georgiev Skatov (Bulgaria)
Ricardo Dario Birn (Argentina)
Monika Katarzyna Witkowska (Poland) – Sixth from Seven

Guided by:
Leader: Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) – 50 Summits, 100% Summits Records
Co Guide: Yoshua Noya (Josh) – 27 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 25 Summits
Co Guide: Mr. Meydi Pesak (Meds) – 11 Expeditions, 11 Times Summits

Clients Summit Detail On Summit Day 02, Thursday 20 November 2014:

Leifur Orn Svavarsson (Iceland) – Sixth from Seven
Client of Leifur Orn Svavarsson (United Kingdom)
Robert Anno Meijer (Netherland)
Sandra Karen Anne Marie Leduc (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete
Kris Kosciarz (United States of America / Poland)
Bousnaid Bouadjar (France)
Francois Rosati (France)
Youngjo Son (South Korea) – Seven Summits Complete
Janice Catherine Smith (Australia)
Huig Zuiderent (Netherland)

Guided by:
Leader: Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) – 51 Summits, 100% Summits Records
Co Guide: Meldy Senduk (Meldy) – 22 Expeditions, 17 Times Leading, 20 Summits
Co Guide: Mr. Abineno Mangentang (Abi) – 07 Expeditions, 07 Times Summits
Co Guide: Mr. Pegi Londah (Pegi) – 05 Expeditions, 05 Times Summits

We are more than happy to inform you that OCTOBER 26th, 2014 Trekking Expedition successfully summit. All 03 clients + 01 Leader with 02 guides successfully summit on Monday 03rd November 2014.

13-year-old Dmitry Tertychnyy / MR (Russia), Youngest Carstensz Summiteer by trekking !
Alexander Tertychnyy / MR (Russia),
Konstantin Serebrennikov / MR (Russia),
Sergei Larin / MR (Russia)

Guided by:
Leader: Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) – 49 Summits, 100% Summits Records
Co Guide= Yoshua Noya (Josh) – 26 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 24 Summits.

July 10th, 2014 SUMMITEERS !!!

John Ryan Beede / MR (USA), Viorel Stirbu / MR (USA),
Sandra Ellen O’Regan / MRS (Ireland), John Edmund O’Connor / MR (Ireland),
Vassily Vorobiev / MR (Russia), Dmitry Vorobyev / MR (Russia),
Jaume R. Vilalta / MR (Spain), Tym Douglas Blanchard / MR (USA)
Pieter Johannes Boogaard / MR (Netherland) – Seven Summits Complete

Dear Ferdinand,

Thanks again for all your efforts to make my trip successful. As said before, I’d like to commend Joshua who did a very good job, notwithstanding the contributions by the other guides. Today, Mr Jeffrey ha s shown me around Jakarta. We’ve visited the national monument and museum, the old Batavia, China town and the park President Suharto created and we had a very good day.

Again, I would like to thank you for the gifts you presented yesterday. I have worn the batik shirt and I think it looks very smart on me, I’m a big coffee fan and the first thing I’ll do when I get home is to prepare some of the coffee you presented and savour it in good memories of this trip !
Cheers, Peter Boogaard

In few words: Carstensz is a non-standard expedition due to its location. Work with a local company is essential. AI staff helped us all the time trying to achieve always the best solution for all: making a team together. In this way, success appears. Thanks.
Jaume Rigau

Hi , home in Ireland safe @12pm last night – long trip!. The relaxing stopover in Bail was a very welcome and surprising break – thanks.
We did not expect a full refund of the Komoda dragon trip – again many thanks.
I will write to you separately when things settle down here to thank your and your fantastic staff for this “trip of a lifetime”
Slan agus banacht (Irish – good bye & good luck),

From Ireland, John O'Connor & Sandra O'Regan

Hi Ferdinand,
I would like to thank you and your team for the effort that you put into this expedition to get to the summit.During the jungle trekking we had some unexpected obstacles,but your guides Poxi and Josh and the others helped us made it through and in the end we summited which was or goal.
This was a great experience for me and make it my 5th summit.That's why I would recommend Adventure Indonesia to anyone who wants to summit Carstensz Pyramids ( called Pucak Jaya, by some people).
I want to thank all your staff from Bali's office which had a very nice farewell,gifts dinner celebration.

Thanks to all of you, Viorel Stirbu.


Saeed Almemari / MR (Emirates), Daniel Bull / MR (Australia), Mirza Ali / MR (Pakistan),
Samina Baig / MS (Pakistan). Tashi Malik / MS (India), Nungshi Malik / MS (India)
Hamad Almazrouie / MR (Emirates), Francois Houde / MR (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete
Catherine Dupasquier / MS (Canada) – Sixth from Seven
Theodore Fairhurst / MR(Canada) – Seven Summits Complete

Theodore Fairhurst :
Hi Ferdinand, I would like to thank you, your staff and guides at ADVENTURE INDONESIA concerning my recent Carstensz Expedition climb (summit 19 March 2014) for excellent organizational skills. I was delighted with how friendly and helpful all of you were. This was my last climb of the 7 Summits and so I have a fair bit of experience climbing and I found your company to be the most conscientious and generous following up with gifts, banners and dinner celebrations. Cheers to all of you. Ted Fairhurst (

12th MARCH 2014 Summiteers :

Rodney William Cole / MR (US), Richard Paul Morse / MR (US), Brent Russell Bishop / MR (US), , Jennifer Brook Loeb / MS (US), Donall Brian Healy / MR (US),
Urszula Elzbieta Tokarska / MS (Canada)

FEBURARY 2014 Summiteers :

Kajiyama Takanobu / MR (Japan ), Azuma Takao / MR (Japan), Koriyama Hiroyuki / MR (Japan),
Jang Seop Shin / MR (South Korea), Sheongweon Youn / MR (South Korea).