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The best pictures of Carstensz expedition
25th and 26th of September, by two part, team of ten Russians summited CP.
It was made in the hard weather conditions: every day’s rain, upstairs - snow, fog.
(Photo's courtesy of



We are more than happy to inform you that ADVENTURE INDONESIA November 2013 Expedition finished successfully. All 14 clients and 04 guides successfully summit – 100% Success. Another Double Summits for Poxi, His 43rd and 44th Summits. Congratulation to all climbers !

This is ours 151st Expeditions Since 1998! Also Ours 09th Expeditions for 2013

World Record for Oldest Carstensz Summiteers by Trekking, Mr. Werner Berger in 76 Years Old!!!

FIRST SUMMIT – 20th November 2013
Ryszard Kurdziel (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete!,
Daniel Wilbert Mallory (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete!
Laura Catherine Ruth Mallory (Canada) – 06th Summits from Seven Summits.
Naim Logic (US) – 06th Summits from Seven Summits.
Margaret Inga Kayes (Canada)
Michal Andrzej Sieraddzan (Poland)
Pawel Wojciech Janczarski (Poland)
Xavier Emeric Aliocha BUTTAY (France)

Guided by:
Leader= Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) – 43 Summits, 100% Summits Records
Co Guide= Yoshua Noya (Josh) – 23 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 21 Summits
Co Guide= Mr. Meydi Pesak (Meds) – 08 Expeditions, 08 Times Summits

SECOND SUMMIT – 21st November 2013:
Werner Berger (Canada) – Seven Summits Complete!
Lloyd Scott Hudson (South Africa)
Frank Tony Jacobsen (Norway)
Hanna Magdalena Stoba (Germany)
Edward Dennis Donovan (US)
Jogabyasa Bho (India)

Guided by:
Leader= Mr. Jeni Dainga (Poxi) – 44 Summits, 100% Summits Records
Co Guide= Meldy Senduk (Meldy) – 20 Expeditions, 17 Times Leading, 18 Summits

Dear Ferdinand,
Many thanks for all you and your company did to help us climb Carstensz Pyramid. Here is my testimonial:
"Carstensz was my "eighth" summit and accomplishing the feat with Adventure Indonesia was a pure joy. The services provided, from initial contact, to food and guide support, can only be rated as excellent. Anyone wishing to contact me personally may do so by email -"

Kind regards and many thanks
Werner Berger

Hi Ferdinand:
Laura and I arrived back in Canada on Monday evening December 9, to temperatures of about -6 degrees C and it is minus 12 C today so I am missing the warm Indonesian temperatures.

We have been in Indonesia for about 30 days with the first half involving our flights to Jakarta and then on to West Papua on the Island of New Guinea. We were successful in summiting Carstensz.

After our climb, we visited the islands of Bali and Sulawesi for the balance of our holiday until our recent flight home.

Our overall time and experience in Indonesia could only be described as amazing. We could not have been more satisfied with all the services, advice, and recommendations that were provided to us by Adventure Indonesia. Along with yourself and Caroline, Novi, the various guides, cooks, and leaders of the expedition being Poxi, Meldy, Josh, and Mets primarily, were a pleasure to spend time with and constantly surprised me with another positive experience that was unexpected.

The remoteness and climbing conditions to do the Carstensz Pyramid are extreme and it was the guides and cooks that provided us with the advice and great meals beyond expectation in order to be successful.

After the climb, the change in our flights so that we had time in Bali and Sulawesi was arranged by yourself with local transport services and other recommendations on where to visit and everything went as smooth as silk.

Should we return, we would most definitely use the services of Adventure Indonesia and would refer others to you as well.

Thank you for making our Indonesia experience a great one.
Dan Mallory and Laura Mallory

I am very happy to succeed Carstensz Pyramid with you. It was a great team. Your guides were always in a good mood and I think it is very important in a such expedition. I recommend adventure Indonesia to succeed Carstensz Pyramid. It is necessary to have guides as you have to arrange relations with local people. Thank you for your great team. I meet a lot of people very interesting, and with them we will go for next expedition certainly.

Dear Ferdinand,
Good Evening with an adventure warm welcome,
Everything is very good as with your supporting staff like as Poxi, Meldy, Yosh & Medz. Little bit problem with Sugapa porters but Leader and guide is very good. So, kindly in the near future it will be permanently solved. With Best Thanking

I have participated in Nov 2013 Carstensz Pyramid Expedition with Adventure Indonesia. Despite harsh jungle conditions, the staff, guides and cooks handled the situation with great skills. Everyone out of 14 climbers, managed to summit Carstenzs Pyramid. The food choice and selection that was provided during expedition was very good (remember all food had to be carried in and out for 11 days). I would always gladly recommend Adventure Indonesia as the first choice for the Carstensz Pyramid climb.
Richard Kurdziel

OCTOBER 2013 (Private Expedition)
Mikhael Georges (US), Lindos Daou (Lebanon). Peter Yared Dit Mouracade (Lebanon), Avedis Kalpaklian (Lebanon), Joyce Azzam (Lebanon).

SEPTEMBER 2013 (International Expedition) :
Prem Kumar Singh (India), Kristjan – Jaak Tammsaar (Estonia), Jacobus Nicolaas Oosthuizen (South Africa), Ivan Pergler (Czech), Eva Perglerova   (Czech) , Bruno Rodi (Canada) ,
Kara Lynn Ann Stinson (U S A).

I'm almost home. I just want to thank you for everything. Thank you very much Poxy and Pegi for all your effort you put on this expedition. Thank again for the service and the hospitality, you have a beautyfull country.
Best regards, Bruno Rodi

SEPTEMBER 2013 (07 Summits Club Rusia - PRIVATE Exp):
Sergey Dmitriev, Mikhail Turovskii, Vadim Nadvodnyuk, Olga Rumyantseva, Elena Gorelik, Liana Chabdarova, Vitaly Simonovich, Dzhamilia Murtazina, Igor Demyanenko, Alexander Abramov.

JULY 2013 :
Indonesian Climbers :
Febe Claudia Tanudirja, Sinatra Arto Hardy, The Hendra Tanujaya & Rudy Sanjaya.
International Climbers :  
Dr. Franz Macherhammer (Austria), Trygve Bergsland (Norway), Christopher John Dare (Canada).

JUNE 2013:
Kurt Alan Wedberg (USA), Carolyn Lindsay Simmons (USA), James Frederick Simmons (USA), James Kirkpatrick Simmons (USA).

Alain Bouthillier (Canada), Mark King (USA), Marshall Warren (USA), Patrick Gadbois (Canada), Thomas Boyer (USA), Todd Andrew Bausch (USA), Vernon Tejas (USA) – Summit 03 Times. Summit.

Gao Shen / MR (China), Huang Jianfeng / MR (China), Wang Zhongwei / MR (China),
Yang Ming / MR (China), Edward Arthurs Supplee III / MR (USA).