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ADVENTURE INDONESIA Guide is NOT ONLY for guiding (climbing) but also take care off our clients, manage the 'difficullt' local porters, deal with local people which claim 'the owner of the mountain', safe and secure clients.

Mr. Jeny dainga (Poxy):guide_poxy

He is now 37 years old with 52 Summits record (including summiting 5 Summits in 11 Days – 04 times Carstensz Summit & 01 time East Carstensz Summit) – summiting all 09 Clients. ** By helicopter expedition.
He is the guide that opening Sugapa Village Trekking Route (along with Mr. Meldy).
Excellent Climbing Skills and got nick name from clients as “Poxi the Cat”. He is really jumping on the rock and moving very fast among clients to help everybody. Even Mr. Hans Florine (08 World Record for Speed Climbing including Yosemite & El Capitan) agree that He is really fast.

He climbed with Hans Florine and Charles Mace opening new climbing route in Carstensz. He also very good cook, very patience and care to clients – only one thing that should be improving: English language that consider average. Mr. Poxy have very good relation with porters, he has long experience living with Papua People including spend months live in Wamena.

Mr. Yoshua Noya (Yosh):

Mr. Yosh was leader of University Expedition team and Adventure Organization. He has a very strong personality and doing regular guiding in ADVENTURE INDONESIA (not only guiding Carstensz Expedition). He is also tour leader. Mr. Yosh has very strong relation with local people in Papua, specially with porters. He is charming, trusted and honest person with high cultural wisdom. He done 27 Expeditions, have 25 summits  with excellence record.

He is the guide that opening again ILAGA Village trekking route. Expedition Management skills and cool head are His most important value! He can manage and find solution for the worst situation and most difficult dealing with locals. It is His talent!

Very patience and careful with planning and detail, wise and have good strategic decision making. You will be very thankful if you are in His group and the group facing difficulties.

Mr. Meldy Senduk (Meldy):
Active in Carstensz Expedition and including our new generation guides with improving skills.
He is also leading (Tour Leader) of our other tour program, not limited on climbing expedition. Very strong background in Sugapa, He opened Sugapa Village Trekking Route with Mr. Poxi on May 2008. He is very strong person to standing and solved problems with locals. Leading 17 Expedition, have 20 summits record and become first option Indonesian Guide of Alpine Ascents International (AAI – US).

Very good English (He was worked overseas for 03 years) and wonderful cooking skills.