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Dear Rya,
My family had a great trip to Krakatau last weekend. Truly amazing to see such natural wonders. The guide and all the staff involved were excellent! I would like to do the same trip again with my sons. I would like to do the trip on Thursday 18th July and Friday 19th July.

Many thanks
Phil Blomfield

As an active volcano on the Sunda Strait, Krakatoa famous because of its 1883 big bang. It was supposed as one of the largest volcano eruptions in the history of mankind, which destroyed the surrounding area, killing more than 36,000 of innocent. Countless of tons of volcanic material were ejected and blown in to the air.

krakatoa volcano, cracatoa tourHuge tsunami hitting all west coast of Java and southeastern coast of Sumatra, the sound were heard over 4000 away from the explosion center. The Tsunami even reach Batavia nearly at a height of 2,5 meter. The coastal line of Lampung and west Java were swept by almost 15 m depth of sea water inland.

The Krakatoa eruption also caused significant change of the environment surround the volcano. The volcanic material covered the islands surrounded the volcano, all turned into iceberg. Half cone of the huge Krakatoa disappeared. >

The volcano's temperature at that time reached 800 C Degrees, devastated everytthing at the surrounding, however just in several years, the land again densely covered by rain forest and housed various faunas. Currently the volcano regarded as quite dormat, however any activities could be happen.


In these trips we take you an island right across the volcano as your base camp. We will anchor of a quite, lunar landscape of the Krakatoa volcano if it is not in big eruption, and ascending the creater in 30 minutes to observe the legendary crater and enjoy the abundance of beauty surround you ….

During the free time we trek through the dense vegetation cover the surrounding islands to discover the unique new colony by increasing numbers of species, after the big eruption in 1883. The islands also offer a pristine crystal clear water to swim or snorkel.

In the evening, you will have dinner over the campfire and overnight in tents on the base camp island.


Ujung Kulon National Park situated on the most west end of Java mainland. This park bears a status of World heritage site in 1992. Being possibly the last home the endangered one horned rhinoceros, this national park is among the most important one in Indonesia. Refer to latest data, there are only small amount of rhinoceros left in the park. Beside the rhinoceros, there are also another 34 species of mammals, 5 species of primates, 59 species of reptiles, 22 species of amphiby, 240 species of birds, 72 species of insects, 142 species of fishes, and 33 species of coral life. The park also the homes to 700 species of flora of which 57 species are considered as rare.

This trip provides you experiences of trekking through the virgin coastal tropical rain forest, stay overnight in the virgin forest, feel the peaceful touch of the nature, tracing and watch the animals in their habitat, but just remain relax. During the free time, you could enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or fishing on the crystal clear water of the park.

You do not need to worry about lodging and logistic, Adventure Indonesia team will prepare tent, daily meals, transport, and porter for your convenience. Most of the campground will be on the beautiful beach of Ujung Kulon National Park.

Most peoples dreaming of encountering the rhinoceros, they are really difficult to meet. But who knows if we will be the lucky one since we will be in their home.


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