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Waruga and Tangkoko Tour

The guest will be picked up at 09am in the hotel and heading straight to Sawangan village to visit Waruga (the ancient tomb of Minahasa people). The dead body is put within the body of Waruga, which has cube shape, in a squatting position. It portrays that dead person will be back to God in the same position as he was in the womb. This philosophy is commonly called by inhabitants with Whom. manado sunsetAlong the way to Sawangan village you will pass a small city named Airmadidi where you can see mountainous areas, which have panoramic view, some famous handicrafts and the traditional clothes of Minahasa.

The next destination is Tangkoko nature reserve. Here you will have a chance to see Tarsius Spectrum, the smallest monkey in the world (only 250 grams & 15 cm tall) at a very close range and also black tailless monkeys, Maleo Birds, wild pigs and kuskus (marsupial family).

Minahasa Highland tour

Here you will have a chance to see daily life of Minahasa people. In Tomohon traditional market you’ll see a lot of animals that are uncommon sold in traditional market in Indonesia. Dogs sold as food and the process you will select a dog in the living conditions and the dog will be burned alive then in the clear for take meat, usually in addition to the dog there was an monkeys, bats or so-called Paniki, python snakes, mice and many more. After that drive toward to Wolowan village to see the making of traditional wooden house of Minahasa. Lunch will be served in the floating restaurant in Lake of Tondano while enjoying the panorama of Lake Tondano. The next stop is Bukit Kasih or hill of love. On the way back, we are going to stop at Linau lake for some rest and afternoon tea. Have fried banana while enjoying the three colors lake.

Snorkeling Siladen – Bunaken

Off to Siladen in the morning for snorkeling, the best time to snorkeling there is 08.00 – 10.00 in the morning since the current still not very strong. And after that, enjoy your morning in Siladen island, it’s a small island next to Bunaken island. Siladen Island is part of the Bunaken Manado Tua Marine Park comprises of a group of five islands: Bunaken, Siladen, Nain, Montehage and Manado Tua. The five islands in the park are distinctly different; Siladen Island offers mostly steep wall diving and many opportunities to see pelagics like sharks, mackerels, tunas and turtles are endless. In the noon, sail to Bunaken island, it takes only 10 minutes from Siladen to Bunaken island. Have lunch in the local restaurant in Bunaken island. After lunch have your chance to see another amazing view of Bunaken Marine Park with Katamaran boat ( glass bottom boat ) for 30 minutes. Afternoon have your chance to explore Bunaken island, to see the local people with their daily life. Then sail back to Manado city.


The small islands in Manado Bay offer pristine coral walls covered with incredible amounts and varieties of soft coral. Visibility ranges from 12-25 meters, but this is due to plankton, which sustains the area's rich fish life. The reefs here are basically untouched. The marine life here is excellent and the surfaces of the walls are crowded with hard and soft coral. Huge schools of Pyramid Butterfly Fish, Black Triggerfish, Barracuda, rays, Moray eels and sea snakes are common.

diving manadoBunaken Islands:
The bay of Manado is located at the very top of the island of Sulawesi. Less than 30 minutes by boat from the docks of the picturesque Christian Harbor lay the Bunaken Sea Gardens, one of Indonesia's finest sea parks and one of the world's best scuba diving experiences. While tourism interests have now started to encroach on the simplicity of Manado, the reality of the Bunaken is impossible to damage.

Most diving around the Bunaken Sea Garden is shore based day dives, with transportation being provided by small open boats equipped with out-board motors. The reef is good all the way around Bunaken, and 6 km long island features no less than 13 dive sites. Bunaken is the centerpiece of this national reserve and, with careful observation, you could possibly see the majority of reef fish found in Indonesia. All the sites are similar in that they feature steep walls of coral, pocketed with small caves, and they are buzzing with small and medium sized reef fish. Good coral growth usually extends down to 40-50 meters, and in deeper parts of the walls, one can see sharks, large rays and Napoleon Wrasse.

Lembeh Strait Diving

tarsius manado tourMontehage & Nain Islands:
Montehage is a large flat island north of Bunaken. A community of Bajo fishermen have built a village on stilts in the shallow estuaries and back reef areas of the island. The dive sites are off the west south, which is fringed with a wide shallow reef flat and is exposed at low tide.

Your Diving trip in Manado could be combined with visiting Tarsius spectrum in Tangkoko National Park.




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