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* NO Electricity and NO mobile phone access

Kindly note that we actually DO NOT recommend to do Mentawai Tribe trip during AUGUST as usually it will be bad weather in the ocean where guest will have big possibility to deal with strong wave and wind, also limited vision in the ocean. In that condition, the fast boats usually cancel to sail.

Located on off the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Mentawai consists of about seventy islands, the major islands are : Siberut (the largest), Sipora, South Pagai and NorthPagai. The difficulties in communication and transportation make the island of Siberut is isolated.

mentawai tribeExplore the jungle in the heart into the heart of the Siberut Island in the western part off West Sumatra's coast, to meet the indigenous people of the Mentawai who live close to nature and still live in comparative isolation, maintaining their age-old ways.

The Mentawaian are traditionally organized as patrineal groups and the social life centered around the UMA, a communal long house which held a clan of people related through a common ancestor.

They believe that all living objects, men, plants and animals are supposed to have spirits. The only specialist in the community is the medicine man, KEREI, responsible for communication with the spirits and the souls. In case of misfortune or illness, he is called in to restore harmony within the group or in relation with the spirits in the environment. An elaborate Taboo system based on religious beliefs with respect to the environment is a dominant characteristic of traditional life on Siberut.

You will stay as guests of a local Kerei (medicine -man) in the Uma (traditional family house). Here, where conditions are basic, you will gain a unique insight into the lives of these people who maintain a belief system based on living in total harmony with nature.

Visit and stay in a Mentawaian village, trek to the jungle, learn about sago processing and bark cloth processing, and do other activities that will heighten your interest in and fascination with the natural philosophy of the Mentawaians.


This is a challenging trek that will take you far from the tourist trail, into the heart of the Mentawai Islands. Deep within their jungles indigenous people live close to nature. A people in transition,  these uncomplicated rainforest dwellers are struggling to maintain their traditional lifestyle against the paradoxes of modernization. This trek is only recommended if you are prepared to accept very basic and often uncomfortable conditions..

Day to day itinerary

Duration: 05 Days/04 Nights
Starts/Ends: Padang

how to make traditional medicineDAY 01: ARRIVAL PADANG

On Arrival in Padang, meet our guide and direct transfer to your hotel for overnight.

DAY 02: PADANG – MUARA SIBERUT – Thursday or Saturday

Morning transfer about 06:00 or 06:15 depend on your hotel to Muara Harbor for boarding at 07:00 AM in the morning, sailing to Muara Siberut. Breakfast box provided. Arrival at Muara Siberut after about 03 Hours 15 minutes (direct fast boating) or if transit in Sakabulian after 4 hours in the boat then 1 hour waiting for loading more passengers before continue abpout more or less 2 hours to Muara Siberut. depend on the waves and other sea circumstances. Upon arrival in Muara Siberut collecting our luggage as well as our equipment and assisting by our local team transfer by Angkot (Public Non AC car) to the harbor while all of us only carrying our day pack and valuable things with us while other stuffs go straight to the harbor. While our local team making report to police station and we prepare your lunch at the the local House village, then walk to the harbor about 5 minutes or more (depend 0n the place where we have lunch) for boating by small motorized wooden boat about more or less 2 hours to reach the Mentawai tribe land .The journey could be longer or shorter depend on the depth of water as well as the current in the river. Upon arrival at the Mentawai Village land, we offboard the canoe and manage our luggage and equipment. Our porters will be ready to help us to catry out our stuffs and together with us walking to the Uma Mentaia traditional house passing the muddy, slippery single logs, sago tree plantation, jungle trek. Upon arrival at Local House, set our bedding while preparing the dinner at Local house. Stay overnight at local house.


After having breakfast exploring the daily activities of Mentawai Tribe such as: search of Sago worm or making sago powder (as the main food of Mentawaian Tribe) or fishing or traditional loin cloths process.


After having breakfast exploring the daily activities of Mentawai Tribe such as: search of Sago worm or making sago powder (as the main food of Mentawaian Tribe) or fishing or traditional loin cloths process. Finally evening see and join the traditional dances of Mentawai during the ceremonies in the evening.


After breakfast we go to Muara Harbor by small boat and sailing back to Padang at 3 PM (15.00) about 3 - 3,5 hours. Arrive in Padang, transfer to your hotel in Padang for overnight stay.



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The native people of the Mentawai Islands demonstrate how to make traditional loin-cloths from tree bark #indonesiatravel #mentawaitribe

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