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Situated 125 km off Sumatra mainland, lies Nias island which famous of its' megalith altars, spectacular traditional architecture, and complex religious sites. This isolate island posses rolling mountainous terrain, ravines, gorges and rivers.stone jumping nias

War like dance in southern Nias is the only dance in Indonesia performing high skill of acrobatic jumps. The warrior dance is a frightening dance song with a hypnotizing sound of rattling shields, men shouting, jump frog like in to the air. Niasers also perform mock fights and armed combat. They get horned helmet, flaring shoulder plates, face's mask with protruding boar tusk, double edged sword, sharp spears, in order to struck their enemy physiologically.

One of Nias culture that still exists is the Stone jumping, or locally called fahombe. Fahombe performed in the meaning of proving the readiness of man taking wife. The man should jump over a two meters high of stone board. In the past the top of the stone board is covered with spikes and sharp pointed bamboo. Tactically, this stone jumping also mean to train young warrior to clear the wall of their enemy with a torch in one hand a sword in the other hand at night. Stone jumping still take place on South Nias villages.

This is a journey into the past. We explore the Nias Island to experience the extraordinary cultures of Nias People isolated for thousand of years; meghalitic stone altar, traditional architectures and complex of religious sites.

We will enjoy their spectacular Stone Jumping, a frightening sport required great acrobatic skills as well as their Warrior Dance and many more.

Adventure Indonesia invites you to witness the unique cultures of the Nias People and experience their War Dance which is the only dance in Indonesia performing high skill of acrobatic jumps or Stone jumping performed in the meaning of proving the readiness of man taking wife.

You will also witness a lot of historical remains and unique culture such as the megalith stone and the unique clan houses.The environment it self provides great challenge for wave surfer around the globe and has one of the best right-handers in Indonesia.

Duration: 06 Days/05 Nights
Grade: Moderate
Starts/Ends: Medan

Day 01
Arrive Medan, transfer to your hotel for dinner and accommodation. Rest of the day is free.
Day 02
Depart to Gunung Sitoli airport at Nias Island by flight and direct transfer by minibus to Teluk Dalam with lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at simple hotel with basic facilities.
Day 03
Full day tour visiting Bawomataluwo to experience the cultures of Nias People such as Stone Jumping and War Dance. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Teluk Dalam.
Day 04
Full day explore Tetegowo village and surroundings to see the megalithic stones.
Day 05
Drive back to Gunung Sitoli. Visit the traditional house at Tumori. Dinner and overnight at a simple hotel in Gunung Sitoli.
Day 06
Return to Medan by flight


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