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Mentawai Island consist of four main Island, North Pagai, South Pagai, Sikakap and Siberut, about 100 Km from west of west Sumatra cost.  The tribe who live there call Mentawai Tribe. Among 4 islands Siberut Island is the biggest but the lowest population among four islands. Their culture, language is totally different with people who live in Sumatra, Their culture back to stone age, Most of old people decorate their body with tattoo. According to the story is the oldest tattoo in the world. They are very professional hunter using bow and poison arrow. The still practice magic. Magic man is important man, because they lead ceremony; cure somebody ill, give advice to the ordinary people before going hunting, building the house, making canoe, etc. There hundreds of island with beautiful beach and coral reef. Also the best place for surfing.

Siberut island recently received international attention as a priority conservation area, for the unique culture of the ethnic Mentawaian and endemicity of its biodiversity that need to be preserved. Although the island has plenty to offer, the potential has not been utilized fully especially for tourism.

Most visitors to the island are interested only in seeing the culture at the indigenous tribes, such as the communal clan life in the traditional UMA house along the river banks.

Siberut National Park occupies the western half of the island, ranging from the northern coasts. At present the Integrated Biodiversity Conservation Project organized by PHPA, MOF, together with local government, local NGOs and other institutions, conducts the community based conservation program.

Siberut island (4.030 km sq) is the largest island of four islands in the Mentawaian archipelago. It is located about 155 kilometers off the coast of West Sumatra, across the Mentawaian strait. The Mentawaian islands belong administratively to Kabupaten (Regency) Padang Pariaman in West Sumatra Province. Siberut is divided into two Kecamatan (district) : North and South Siberut with administrative centers at Muara Sikabaluan and Muara Siberut which also service as respectively market centers of Siberut.

According to Forestry Ministerial Decree in 1993, 500 hectares area was declared as Siberut National Park.

The Siberut island is characterized by a wet equatorial climate, with minimum and maximum temperatures of 22o C (71.6F) and 31o C (87.8F). The dry season is from February to June and the raining season is from July to January. Siberut is hilly with wide variations in elevation. Almost 60% is covered by tropical rain forest with many forest type such as: primary dipterocarp forest, primary mixed forest, swamp forest, barringtonia forest and mangrove forest. Also, there are many rivers on the islands with a complex system of tributaries.

Some of the interesting objects to see are:

Community and Culture: Although Siberut is only a small island, the internal variations in language, culture, life styles, and in resources is rather substantial. There is no clear indication of when the first man arrived on Siberut, but anthropologist suggest that the bataks of North Sumatra first settled on the island several thousand years ago. In many ways, the people of Siberut are among the most archaic people in Indonesia.

Jungle Adventure: Very few visitors have explored the thickly frested island. Inside the National Park pleasant surprises await the adventures visitor. Visiting a cave in central Siberut or waterfalls in the northern and southern parts of the island, are possible upon request with your guide. Be observant of your surroundings. You may have the chance to see and hear some endemic wild life. Siberut has four endemic primates which in local names are called Bilou (Hylobates klossi), Simakobu (Simias concolor), Bokoi (Macaca pagensis), and Joja (Presbytis potenziani). There are at least five species of squirrels and chipmunks and birds abound everywhere on the island. Padding a canoe trekking on muddy trails balancing on a shippery log, wading through a shallow river, brushing through a dense jungle - are all parts of an unforgettable jungle adventure on Siberut.

Coastal Discovery Adventure: Some good coral reefs can be found along the east, south to southeast part of Siberut and the surrounding small islands. Along the coast, continuous, white sand beaches, magnificent lagoons, enficing mangroves and coral sea gardens all promise an exciting coastal adventure. Dolphins (Stenela longirostris) can be seen along the east coast. Other sea mammals such as digong (Dugong dugong) occasionally can be sighted near the sea grass by the mangrove along with three protected species of sea turtles.

Masilok Beach on the southern part of Siberut can be reached within an hour by a motorized boat. The island's resort, dominated by coconut grows, a logoon with beautiful white sand beach, promising a very relaxing environment. The west coast breaks from Siberut island, connected only by sea garden and mangrove that lie side by side making it a unique experience for diving. Accommodation and fresh clean water are available. If you plan to travel to nearby islands, it can be arranged with local owners. In the south western part of Siberut lies Sagulubek Beach, with calm and clear waters making it ideal for wind surfing. In the northern part, Sikabaluan beach offers an excellent dip in warm water to soothe the soul.


  • Before traveling to Siberut, it is advisable to take prophylactic doses of anti malaria medicine at least one week before departing for Siberut, and should be continued up to two weeks after leaving
  • Travelers are also advised to bring sufficient supplies of medicine (antidiarrea and seasickness, first aid and antibiotics if possible)
  • Wear a good pair of hiking boots, bring dry clothes, raincoats and flash light
  • Respect local culture
  • Leave no waste or garbage


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