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A perfect combination of outbound program, wildlife activities, socio-cultural education, ecological education, introduction of natural environment and full learning experience trip.

student tour indonesiaADVENTURE INDONESIA STUDENT TRIP is specially design program that create to give best result in outdoor fun education activities.

Great program dedicate by The Most Unique Operator with long time experience in handling student camp, tour, expedition, cruise and others outdoor activities.

The best achievement of ADVENTURE INDONESIA Team with highest order of professional services, result the lifetime experience, unforgettable moment, great personal development - top, creative and charming performance.

>> STUDENT TRIPS more details <<

Suitable Age:
Start from Elementary till University.

Suitable Event:
Holidays Program, Summer Camp, Orientation Days, Excursion, Active Learning, Student Refreshment, Creativity & Leadership Training.

student trips indonesiaCatching Value:
- Creativity
- Humanity,
- Communication,
- Personality
- Leadership
- Solidarity
- Survival
- Objective Decisions Making


Program Method:
Active learning and interaction with out bond approach in unique place. Creatively develop environmental skills and experience in fun and challenging atmosphere. Personal, small team and collaboration net work, responsibilities-Manage-develop-redevelop. Concentrate in maximum interaction between participants-students, teachers, facilitators, counselors, Possible also with community in the environment.

The Composition of Design Program is:

50% Education
30% Recreation
20% Challenge & Adventure
*** However it could change according to request and demand

Best Duration:

At least 3 days / 2 night, the maximum could be extended for a full summer holiday!
Mostly prefer to have 1 week program.

Favorite Place / Destination:

Our Student Tour Program could take place everywhere match with request program and activities. ADVENTURE INDONESIA recommended destination to area with these criteria below:
- Safe & Secure
- Unique
- Beautiful landscape & fresh air
- Friendly and communicative society (Prefer traditional & urban society)
- Great natural environment
- Wonderful tourism object

Place that ever been choose for Student Trip:
1. Yogyakarta, Central Java
2. Bogor and West Java ( West Java )
3. Manado : Bunaken and Minahasa Highland (North Sulawesi)
4. Sukamantri Natural Reserve Area - Mt. Salak for Jungle Survival (West Java)
5. Bukittinggi (West Sumatra)
6. Bali
7. Tanjung Puting National Park - Orangutan Reserve (Central Borneo)
8. Lake Toba - Samosir Island (North Sumatra)
9. Komodo Island


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Jungle Survival lesson for Student #adventureindonesia #studenttrips

Posted by Student Trips Indonesia - Bali and Beyond on Sunday, August 21, 2016