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toraja graveThe province of South Sulawesi comprises the narrow south-western peninsula of this orchid-shaped island which is mainly mountainous. The seafaring Bugis dominate the southern tip, whereas the northern part of South Sulawesi is inhabited by the Torajas whose unique culture rivals that of the Balinese.

Tana Toraja, often referred to as the "Land of the Heavenly Kings". An ethnic group who believes that their forefathers descended from heaven onto a mountain some twenty generations ago, the Torajas have a unique culture based on animistic beliefs.

Known for their grand burial ceremonies on cliffs or hanging graves, they practice an ancestral cult even today where death and afterlife ceremonies are great feasts when buffaloes are sacrificed in the final death ceremony, after which the deceased's remains are placed in a coffin and interred in caves hollowed out in high cliffs.

The mouth of the cave is guarded by lifelike statues, looking out from a "balcony". As death has such an "important meaning" when the souls are released, burials are elaborate and follow days of feasting. Rock graves are also a form of burial. A strict hierarchy is followed in the villages.

"Tongkonan" (family houses) are built on stilts with roofs on each end rising like the prows of a ship, representing the cosmos. The mountains offer a fantastic panorama of natural beauty, including the long drive ( about 8 hours ) from Ujung Pandang to Tana Toraja.

The provincial capital of Ujung Pandang has in its history played an important role as the gateway to the former kingdom of Gowa and now to the whole province because of its natural harbor. The center of business and administration, the city has expanded outwards from its most important landmark, that of Benteng Ujung Pandang which faces the sea front.

On the outskirts of Ujung Pandang, Paotere is where sailing boats and other small vessels anchor to unload their cargo. The setting casts a glow over the sea with the silhouettes of the boats. This scenery is most often photographed by tourists.

Formerly the seat of the kings of Gowa, about 11 km. from Ujung Pandang is the old palace of wood, standing on stilts facing the town square across the administration office. Now the Ballalompoa Museum, weapons and costumes of royalty are on display in glass cases. The royal regalia which includes a stone studded gold crown weighing 1769 grams can be seen only on special request.

You will find white sandy beaches at Bira, 178 km from Ujung Pandang to the south. Traditional ship building is also located in this area. Not far from this area visitors can cross to the island of Selayar.

The largest cave in South Sulawesi, the legendary cave of Mampu is about 140 km from the capital. Besides stalagmites and stalactites, rock formations resemble human figures and animals to which legends are attached. The cave is inhabited by bats who shriek and flutter around when bright lights pierce the darkness.

To the north of Ujung Pandang and driving east along the mountain range, is the Bantimurung waterfalls, about 41 km from the capital. A cascade of sparkling water gushes out between rocky cliffs into a stream shaded by tall trees. Here the air is filled with butterflies which fly from shrub to shrub over the water. These rare brightly colored ornithoid butterflies are considered the most beautiful in the world.

Now declared an archaeological site, these prehistoric caves have strange rock carvings of hands and a wild pigs, believed to be 5,000 years old. The road leads from Maros through the cave-riddled limestone hills to the site about half an hour's drive from the airport.

Pare-pare is a lunch stop along the road from Ujung Pandang to Toraja, through paddy-fields and typical Bugis houses made of wood and bamboo, built on stilts. Here we can find the museum Labangenge, located at jalan Bau Massepe No. 82, Pare-pare.

The capital town of Wajo Regency is well-known for its silk weaving and therefore is the center of Buginese silk. This area is populated by the Buginese ethnic group, known for their crossing to other islands as traders of silk, sarongs and other material. Here we can find lake Tempe, one of the tourist resorts. Sailing and boating can be enjoyed on this lake.

Another center of the silk industry, this spinning mill produces thread from silk worms. Weaving can be seen in many private homes along this route which is 240 km to the northeast of Ujung Pandang. The finest silk is hand-loomed by village women who individually need a whole month to produce two meters of silk. Visitors are welcome to stop and watch, or make a purchase if there is any readily available.

The small town of Rantepao is a major travellers' centre in the beautiful rugged hill country of Tana Toraja in Central Sulawesi. The rice-farming, pig-breeding, water-buffalo-loving Toraja who inhabit this region have become the focus of tourist attention thanks to their elaborate ceremonies, burial sites and traditional houses.

236 km to the north of Ujung Pandang, you can see beautiful landscapes at Bambapuang, located 20 km from Enrekang to the north on the way to Tana Toraja. Here can be seen an erotic mountain called Batu Kabobong, by its shape formed by the valley and slopes. A rest house is built on an elevation, giving a clear view of the countryside.


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