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Enjoy traveling as per your desires - where you want to go, and how you want to do it !
ADVENTURE INDONESIA can customize your trip to Indonesia.

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ADVENTURE INDONESIA, an Indonesian tour operator with 18 years of experiences in operating Indonesia tour packages throughout Indonesia: Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda (Nusa Tenggara Islands), Bali, Papua Island (formerly called Irian) and many more. Our Indonesia trips unveil the magical natural history, wildlife and culture of our ancient land. 

tours indonesiaAll of our Indonesia tours DIRECTLY OPERATED by our company through our own offices in almost all the major islands of Indonesia, with involvement of the local people.

By operating tours ourselves, we can directly control the quality of our tours and to provide you with FIRST-HAND tour prices.

We have been trusted by many travel agents from all over the world to be their ground operator in Indonesia with various types of clients; adventurers, honeymooners, businessmen, students or families.

If you are thinking of organizing your private trip to Indonesia, just call Adventure Indonesia and inform us the destination you are interensted. We will help you design the best program which suitable with your time frame and budget.

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Discover Indonesia, the world's richest natural & cultural environment, with a Leading Indonesia Tour Operator : ADVENTURE INDONESIA. -- Very well-known to be the expert of its TAILOR-MADE packages throughout the country, we are at Adventure Indonesia will do our best to make the holiday Indonesia packages to suit your clients’ need.


Dear Jeffry,
I wanted to thank you for your amazing assistance in Indonesia during the Orangutan and Komodo Dragon filming of our documentary series, Kratt Brothers Be the Creature, for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel.


It’s always difficult producing programmes where the location is so far away from home base, but the professionalism of Adventure Indonesia made it incredibly easy. You and your colleagues provided amazing logistical services before, during and after our filming.Every time we needed something done, there was never a question of it not being possible. My confidence in you was complete.

I would recommend Adventure Indonesia highly to anyone who needed assistance when traveling to Indonesia. Whether you were dealing with the intricacies of filming permissions or just arranging travel, all the work done was at the higher level. I give you a 5 star rating..!!!

Once again, many thanks for everything you and Adventure Indonesia did for us. It was wonderful.

Kind regards,
Cheryl Knapp/Series Producer
In Association With THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Channel .
3764 chemin de la Cote des Neiges Montreal,
Quebec - Canada H3h 1V6

The trip to Indonesia (Ujung Kulon) was fabulous. Thanks so much for setting it up. Jannice was especially fantastic as a guide. I promised her some photographs, but all my emails to her have been rejected. So, please forward the attached photograph to her. I will be sending you a few more to pass on to her as well. Also, please feel free to use the photos of the rhino on the Adventure Indonesia website if you like. Thanks.

Alan M. Davis
Professor, College of Business
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150

Dear Adventure Indonesia,
I represent a wildlife television series for Animal Planet and Discovery Communications called :"The Jeff Corwin Experience." In February and March 2003, I had the pleasure of planning a filming trip to Jakarta and Kalimantan, Indonesia with the tour operator Adventure Indonesia.

I initially contacted several companies to organize the logistics of our trip and it became evident very early on in the process that Adventure Indonesia team were superior to the rest. Their patience and attention to detail when faced with seemingly countless requests and questions really made a difference in allowing the process to run smoothly. Further to that, the nature of our shooting schedule required that we alter our travel plans throughout our shoot, and with each change Adventure Indonesia made quick and high quality arrangements as necessary.

Among the services Adventure Indonesia arranged for us were ground transportation hire, domestic flights, accommodations, local liaising with wildlife experts, and satellite phone rental -- all at times in very remote locales. Their far-reaching network of associates helped them to provide an excellent level of service at the most reasonable price.

Adventure Indonesia proved itself to be a very professional and resourceful organization who repeatedly went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our shoot was successful. I would highly recommend them as a facilitator for recreational and professional trips alike.

Holly Williamson
Episode Producer, "The Jeff Corwin Experience"



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Adventure Indonesia is a licensed tour operator
member of:

The Association of Indonesian Tour & Travel Agency
No. 1650/VI/ASITA JAKARTA/2014


Japan Association of Travel Agents
Overseas Allied Member No. 41814