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A Bali land tour is the best way to enjoy Bali as a whole, especially for first-time visitors. Here are some reasons why you should join one during your visit.

Bali offers plenty of attractions, places to visit, as well as activities. For first-timers, visiting Bali will be a little overwhelming as you have a lot of options that can be difficult to choose from. Joining a Bali land tour is the best way to enjoy Bali since Adventure Indonesia can customize your trip to Bali to suit your interest. 

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Choose your places to visit and attraction

Using a land tour, you can discuss the places you want to visit and the attractions you want to see or try. Just let our tour planner know what interest you have, and we will help you design a tour package itinerary with destinations and activities that are suitable for your interest.

If you love historical places or enjoy adventurous activities, Adventure Indonesia can help you design the best tour to suit these interests. If you are traveling with children, then visiting fun places such as Bali Bird Park and Bali Marine Safari Park must be added to your Bali itinerary.

The land tour includes transportation and a knowledgeable local guide. Therefore, it is practical, and you don’t have to worry about how to get to the place you want to visit.

Bali Land Tour from South to North – East to West

Using the Bali land tour, you will also get to experience Bali as a whole from Northeast to West. Bali has it all, and every corner of this island of Gods is worth exploring. There are beaches, mount, waterfalls, hot springs, temples, traditional villages, and many more that you can explore in Bali.

With plenty of places to visit and activities to do, first-time visitors may not know where to start. However, joining a land tour will help you explore the best place that you will like most. You can even customize the program to suit your interest!

Guided Bali Land Tour by an experienced local guide

Visiting a foreign country or land can be difficult without good planning. The land tour will provide you with a knowledgeable guide that is fluent in the English language. 

The Adventure Indonesia land tour also offers a guide in other languages such as Japanese, German, French, and many others. However, please note that there will be an extra charge for a guide in languages other than English.

Trying authentic Balinese cuisine 

Last but not least, you will be able to try and enjoy authentic Balinese cuisine. You can try nasi campur, ayam betutu, babi guling, lawar, various seafood in Jimbaran, and many others. 

During the tour, you will get to experience local food and enjoy the delicious spices of Indonesia. You can even join a traditional cooking class that will teach you how to cook Balinese food!

Now you know why joining the Bali land tour is the best option when visiting this island of Gods. So, when are you going to visit?

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