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This motion is constantly under the close watch of the Indonesian Ministry of Health along with the Covid-19 Response Acceleration Task Force (Satgas Covid), as we continuously keep an eye for more forthcoming good news. We will keep you informed with all relevant updates, including additional countries to be permitted for entry, conditions of entering the country, and more!

List of countries permitted of entry, as per 14th of October 2021:
Fully vaccinated travelers from; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, South Korea, China, Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Spain, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Poland, India, and French.

Conditions for international tourists to travel into Bali:
Have obtained proof of full dose vaccination (in English) at least 14 days before departure.
A negative result of RT-PCR test for COVID-19 of no more than 3 x 24 hours before arrival.
Fulfill other administrative prerequisites such as a short visit visa, or other types of entry permit (B211 visa is now available and allows tourism within Indonesia).
Proof of accommodation booking/payment during your stay (quarantine and extended stay).
Note: Quarantine should be done in approved hotels.
Show proof of ownership of health insurance up to USD 100K.
Upon arrival, RT-PCR will be done twice, first at the airport and the second one will be on day 4 during quarantine.
Until today, Indonesia still requires International travelers to quarantine, despite having fully vaccinated. However, we hope the length of quarantine will be reduced gradually.

Our team here at Adventure Indonesia will consistently give updates regards of Indonesia tourism. As the circumstances improve, we expect changes such as further ease of travel restriction to take place. We believe more good news for us travelers is just around the corner. For more updates, we very much welcome you to drop us an email via


Upon your arrival in Bali, a 7 days quarantine is required. Before doing your quarantine, RT-PCR will be taken and if you are proved negative, you can go straight to the hotel. The second RT-PCR will be taken on day 4 at your chosen quarantine hotel. Once you receive a negative PCR result on your second test, you will be free and able to continue your journey to Bali.

Until this article was uploaded, there are 35 hotels and resorts around Bali that are approved by the government to be quarantine hotels. Before they are included on the list of approved quarantine hotels, these hotels have undergone training for Cleanliness, Health, Security, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) and have been thoroughly inspected. Proof of prepaid booking at one of the quarantine hotels is one of the requirements before officials will allow visitors to leave the airport for a direct transfer to a quarantined hotel.

The government also makes sure that the hotel’s CCTV works properly in order to monitor guest movement. During quarantine, guests must stay in the room, all food and drinks provided will be placed in front of the room. Guests can take their food and drinks after the hotel staff leaves, to minimize contact. 

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