Apply for B211A Visa Bali Indonesia

To apply for B211A  Visa Bali Indonesia , there are several general requirements that you need to notice. After completing all the required documents, ADVENTURE INDONESIA (PT. Khatulistiwa Nusantara Hijau), as your sponsor B211A Visa, will submit the document through Indonesia Immigration.


1. Passport Cover.


2. Passport Identity Page.

Should be valid for a minimum of 6 months.


3. Booking Proof of round trip ticket.

Providing a dummy ticket is also allowed if you haven’t booked the ticket for your trip.


4. Bank Statement.

The latest 3 months bank statement with a minimum balance equivalent to 2,000 USD Dollars.

For family, you can use only one bank statement. Please provide a family card or birth certificate that proves that you are one family member. For students who are travel costs are provided by parents, please provide a birth certificate.  


5. Soft copy of Colored Passport Photo.


6. COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. ( No Need Anymore )

The certificate should be written in English or you can also convert your vaccine at Peduli Lindungi App, click here for more information.

Second-dose or third-dose vaccinated travelers are not obligated to do quarantine. First dose or non-vaccinated travelers should undergo a quarantine process. Note that Indonesia accepts all kinds of Covid-19 vaccines. 


7. Signed Statement Letter. ( No Need Anymore )

Statement letter of agreement to abide by all health protocols applicable within Indonesian territory and willing to cover health costs independently if they are infected by COVID-19 while they are inside Indonesia Territory.

Note: For convenience, we can provide you with a written letter that you can sign. 


There is an additional requirement B211A Visa Bali for Children under 12 Years:


1. Signed Statement Letter. (NO Need anymore)

Provide the same statement letter as above. Letter can be signed by a parent on behalf of the mentioned child in a statement letter.


2. Letter from Hospital. ( No Need anymore )

For non-vaccinated children, an official letter from Hospital declaring that the children are not allowed to have vaccinated in their country is needed. The letter of declaration should state that the children have a good health history and do not suffer from infectious diseases. 


3. Childbirth Certificate.


4. Parent Marriage Certificate.


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