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When it comes to Savanna, you may refer to the African continent. However, do you know that Indonesia has its own savanna?  Located in Banyuwangi, Baluran National Park has the biggest savanna in Java with 300 hectares area and located around 12 kilometers from the national park’s main gate. This savanna is also known as Little Africa or Africa van Java since it’s quite identical to the African savanna. There are various activities that you can do here, from simply taking candid pictures with the panorama of savanna, share your food with monkeys, take a sight from a tower in Bekol, or spend your night in the nearby lodge.

Best Times to Visit Baluran

Truth be told, there are no bad timing to visit Baluran since each season offers its own charm. In a rainy season that usually appears during November to April, you can find the beautiful sight of flowers all over Bekol savanna as well as the greenish view from acacia nilotica plantation. In dry season around May to October, you will be exposed to the sight of yellowish grass surrounding the Bekol savanna inside Baluran national park.

Flora and Fauna Diversity

Upon visiting Baluran national park gate, you will be exposed to the view of the beautiful greenish forest surrounding your way to Bekol Savanna. Along the way, you may find wild animals like monkeys, squirrels, chickens, buffalo, deer, peacocks, or even leopards. In fact, there are 44 types of flora, 155 birds and 16 mammals which live in Baluran national park.

Beautiful Beaches

In total, there are 4 beaches surrounding Baluran national park which are Bama beach, Bilik beach, Balangan beach, and Sijile beach. These beaches are still virgin, untouched and super quiet. The most famous and often visited by tourists is Bama beach which located around 4 kilometers from Bekol Savanna. You can see monkeys playing around, swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the sight of mangrove forests there. With its white sands and amazing coral reefs, this beach is surely worth to visit during your trip to Baluran national park.

Mangrove Pier

About 100 meters toward the south side of Bama beach, you will find a wooden gate with “Dermaga Mangrove” written on top of it. After you follow the road, you will find such a beautiful hidden spot, which is a small pier surrounded by mangrove forests. You have to pass through several stairs which splitting the thickness of mangrove.

There are several wild animals inside the mangrove forest such as monkeys, big lizards, and stork birds and you may find one along your way to the mangrove pier. The best timing to visit Mangrove pier is mostly during sunrise where you will be exposed to the beautiful view of sunset between mangrove forests. However, if you’re looking for the best time to take pictures, then the afternoon is the best one since you will get the lighting that you need.

Japanese Cave

Aside from mangrove forest and savanna, you can also find a Japanese cave inside Baluran national park which located right in front of the Balai Taman Nasional office. This cave originally used as a hiding place for Japanese troops during the war. Inside this 12 square meters wide cave, you will find rooms for weapon storage and a gap to spy the enemy.

Beware of Wild Monkeys

Inside the Baluran national park, you will feel the experience of exploring the untouched forest, savanna, and mangrove. However, you have to beware of your things since there are a lot of monkeys here. Make sure you don’t bring anything suspicious that will draw their attention. You better use a backpack rather than small bags and don’t bring any food inside your bag unless you’re going to feed these monkeys.

Baluran national park is the right choice if you want to feel the experience of wildlife tour. You can also use the Banyuwangi Tours with Baluran offered by Adventure Indonesia which offers you a complete package trip baluran and accommodation with the flexible departure date.

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