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When it comes to history, Banda Island has a lot to offer. You’ll be able to see a variety of historical sites that date back to the Dutch colonial period. You can check out the remnants of the Dutch Fort Belgica, which was built in 1611 and is still standing today. The fort has an interesting museum that displays valuable artifacts from the Dutch and Islamic periods. The fort’s gardens also offer an incredible view of the surrounding area.

The Dutch colonialists constructed Fort Belgica on Banda Island back in the 17th Century. At the time, the island was an essential trading post for nutmeg. The Dutch conquest ultimately enabled it to become the world’s one-stop shop for this highly sought-after spice. With a well-fortified Fort Belgica, the Dutch could protect this critical region from the British and the Portuguese.

Although today the Fort is a stunning historical site, it has been a constant site of political and military power struggles over the centuries. You can dive into the fascinating history of the interchanging ownership of the area by visiting the museum within the walls of the fort. You will marvel at the architectural layout of the fort and the strategic military planning.

Visiting Banda Neira island is an incredible experience for visitors looking to gain knowledge of the island’s past. Immerse yourselves in the stunning landscapes, and indulge in local cuisine. We can design your tour package to cater to your interests. Whether you plan to explore historical sites, enjoy the natural attractions, or learn about the island’s culture. The island is accessible via Ambon City and can be reached by boat or air. If you are interested in exploring historical sites and rich cultural heritage, then this trip should definitely be on your travel list.

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