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Labuan Bajo is the main departure point for the Komodo boat tour as this westernmost town of the island of Flores is the closest base to Komodo National Park. There are daily flights from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Lombok to Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo. However, besides getting to Labuan Bajo by flight and finally by boat to Komodo National Park, you can actually sail directly to Komodo National Park from Lombok and Bali.

Below are 3 different options getting to Komodo National Park:


If you have limited vacation time, travel by air is the best option for you. You will start your adventure of a lifetime as soon as arriving in Labuan Bajo airport. With this option, you are able to see the best part of Komodo National Park on a single 3-day trip, including a round trip from Bali – Labuan Bajo – Bali. You can fly with the first flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo and directly embark on your boat as soon as you arrive and fly back to Bali with the afternoon flight on the last day of your trip.

Starting your boat trip from Labuan Bajo offers plenty of boat options for you and you can choose the boat type that fits your budget and travel preference. From FAN Cabin boat, AC Cabin boat, to Luxury boat; traveling alone, with family, with your couple, or with a group of friends.


Sail from Bali to see the Komodo dragon while enjoying the sights and waters of some part of Lesser Sunda archipelago, underwater and above the water on the way. All of the boat trips depart from Bali are diving luxurious Liveaboard basis. Taking liveaboard from Bali to Komodo National Park means there is less hassle of taking flight or boat to other islands because the trip is literally started from your hotel in Bali to directly embark on the boat in Benoa Harbor.

This option can be either one way or round trip, with a length of the trip 7 days up to 12 days that will leave you with memories and once in a lifetime experience living a pirate live. This option fits bests for scuba divers because most of the trips are run based on a shared group for scuba divers. The liveaboard departs from Bali will give you the opportunity to enjoy your dive adventure in the best possible way: exploring some of the best dive sites in the area, visiting the exotic islands on the northern coast of Sumbawa, and Nusa Tenggara while enjoying the comfort of the Liveaboard. Non-divers who join the trip can still enjoy and have an extraordinary experience. There are plenty of amazing sites suitable for snorkeling.


After spending a couple of days relaxing on the beach in one of Gili islands or after trekking Mt. Rinjani, extending your trip to Komodo National Park is doable from Lombok. If you ever dreamed of a wild adventure, this is the perfect trip for you. The boat trip to Komodo National Park from Lombok is run on a shared basis and mostly booked by backpackers, which on the positive side means you have the opportunity to make new friends with other travelers.

If you are planning to go with this option, please bear in mind that the boats come with very basic facilities, some boats even don’t have a shower. The boats are basically a fishing boat accommodate 30 up to 40 passengers or depend on the size of the boat. There are 2 types of accommodation classes on the boat, a small cabin, and a shared deck. The sleeping arrangement on the shared deck, you will be provided with mat, pillow, and blanket and sleeping on the floor alongside other travelers. Another thing to bear in mind is the seas between Lombok and Flores can be quite rough. There are some reports of sea accidents happened in this route.

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