Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Islands and Flores is a must-visit destination for those who love nature, culture, and wildlife. Komodo Islands (or also known as Komodo National Park) is the best place to see the last dragon on earth, the Komodo Dragon. Cruising along the sea and visiting beautiful islands of Komodo, the pink beach, and trek to the top of Padar Island. Get ready to be amazed by thousands of flying foxes flying over you when you pass Kalong Island at sunset. Explore the incredible underwater life of the Komodo Islands, awed upon the beautiful coral and fishes. 

Flores, on the other hand, offers you beautiful landscapes and culture. Visit traditional villages and learn about their diverse culture. Wae Rebo and Bena Village are two of many villages you could visit during your Komodo Flores trip. Ikat weaving is also famous here, see the process of how the artists manually produce and make a beautiful fabric. Hike up to Mount Kelimutu and see the three-different colored lakes of Kelimutu. Visit Alor and learn about their exotic culture and nature.