Lombok & Sumbawa Tour Program

Located near Bali, Lombok & Sumbawa are both worth the visit. Compared to Bali, Lombok has its own unique version of culture and society at a much slower pace. To get here, you can easily catch a plane from Bali for 30 minutes or ride a fast boat for 2-3 hours from Sanur.

Lombok’s natural beauty offers volcanoes, islands with pristine white sandy beaches, clear warm waters, and jungle terrain. Not only the natural beauty, but Lombok also blessed by the culture of traditional Sasak villages. There, you can see its unique architecture and textile vendors. Trekking up at Mountain Rinjani (3,726m) with its magnificent volcano peak scenery, especially at sunrise. Mount Rinjani also offers hot springs and a panoramic crater lake that you can enjoy to reward yourself after tiring trekking trip. The sublime Gili Islands also a worth place to visit. Here, can experience diving or snorkelling, exploring the underwater world of Gili. There are also lots of other diverse marine activities.

Catch a plane or fast boat and you will arrive at Sumbawa Island. A place that famous for its Whale Sharks. Even though there are other places in Indonesia (for example in Nabire) where you can see Whale Shark, the journey to Sumbawa is one of the easiest and shortest in terms of time to travel. This gentle yet big fish can easily be seen here. Experience swimming with them or you can also see the Whale Shark up from the boat. We suggest booking your trip to see Whale Shark as soon as possible as there is a high demand for this trip. Make sure to contact us for more Lombok & Sumbawa tour detail.