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Known for its underwater beauty, Raja Ampat Regency consists of 4 large islands namely; Waigeo Island, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool, and more than 1,800 other small islands. It is the heart of the coral triangle—one of the most biodiverse locations on the planet. Dive into the dream of marine biodiversity and you will find over 1,400 fish species and 75% of all the coral species known worldwide. Diving in Raja Ampat is one of the bucket lists for lots of people. No wonder, people worldwide would travel far to Raja Ampat, especially scuba divers and underwater explorers.

Diving in Raja Ampat
The underwater world of Raja Ampat

How to Get Raja Ampat

Reaching Raja Ampat is far from easy. It takes time and effort. However, for those who want, it doesn’t matter. A direct flight from Jakarta to Sorong is available daily.  If you’re traveling from Bali or other parts of Indonesia, a connecting flight is available from Makassar, Manado, and Ambon. Upon arrival in Sorong, you take a public ferry to Waisai for around 2 hours. However, a luxury resort might have a speedboat schedule where they pick you up from Sorong straight to the resort. Feel free to reach us to discuss more ways to reach Raja Ampat according to your convenience.

Best Time for Diving

You can visit Raja Ampat all year round. However, from September to March, there is less rain and the seas are at their calmest. The weather in Raja Ampat is quite special. The weather can differ from island to island, hour by hour. It is common for rain to fall for a short period only for bright sunshine and blue skies to return afterward.

The water temperature is ideal throughout the year at around 28-29°C, which makes it perfect to dive. Raja Ampat is known to have amazing visibility. You can see a clear 30-40m deep sea from above. When visibility is not that great, you can still enjoy views from 10 to 30 meters on a good day depending on the dive site. The current also varies depending on the dive sites, from none to very strong. 

Best Diving Spot In Raja Ampat 

Lots of dive points that can’t be missed here in Raja Ampat. Get a chance to meet manta rays, black-tip sharks, a school of fish, sea turtles, and beautiful corals. If you are lucky, you can see sperm whales and even dolphins. In a single dive, you can experience and see lots of biodiversities. A once in a lifetime experience where you can get all kinds of fish and sea animals that you can never dream of.

Raja Ampat welcomes all levels of divers. From beginners to advance. Those who never learn to dive, but want to miss out on the underwater adventure of Raja Ampat are also welcome. You can join the discover scuba program. Note that some dive spots might not be suitable for beginners.

Discover Raja Ampat and combine your trip with other parts of Papua. Contact us for booking and details.

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