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Taking Indonesia private tours for a much more personal exploration has become popular these past few years.

With many options for Indonesia private tours out there, it can be challenging to select and customize your very own dream vacation. However, we have compiled the much-needed information for you to get a start on the mission. Continue reading to see which private tours in Indonesia you should book for next.

Indonesia private tours, as well  are designed in an attractively diverse way to ensure you get the best of your visit while in Indonesia. As one of the hidden gems in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is already unique, with it being the world’s largest island country (more than 17,000 islands!).

That means: there are so many authentic sites, wonders, and cultures you have yet to discover in this archipelago, and, of course, there’s no rush in finishing everything at once. You have all the time in the world to choose which region or island to visit, customize the itinerary, execute the trip, and bring back a memorable journey that hopefully keeps motivating you to come back and see more.

Type of Indonesia Private Tours

To make one selection from tons of Indonesia private tours out there, know first what kind of trip you aim and why.

Bali, Yogyakarta, Flores, and Tana Toraja are some of Indonesia’s cultural heritage sites with deep roots since the establishments from thousands of years ago. Filling the itinerary with these historic sites or events allows tourists to be immersed in local cultural festivities and authentic cultural exchange between locals and visitors.

  • Adventure

Suiting those with fiery ambitions and tireless souls, this type of tour talks about adventurous activities like scuba diving, mountain climbing, snorkeling, and jungle trekking. You’ll get the chance to get outside your comfort zone or travel to remote areas, hence boosting the thrill and excitement as you go.

Meeting the indigenous people in West Papua and Mentawai, who have long inhabited a specific land or region is as incredibly authentic as it can get. Tribal tours also give an educational opportunity in the most fun way—something fresh in our current fast-paced life emitted from a voyeuristic exercise.

The diversity of endemic wildlife in Indonesia is amazingly beautiful. If you love up-close interactions with them as well as learning the importance of animal kingdom, a wildlife tour presents you the answer with a visit to some Indonesia’s established National Parks.

  • Educational

Suitable for students at all levels or those pursuing educational learning in various aspects, an educational tour shifts the pretext of the trip into a tool to equip a similarly effective learning method—only not from the classroom, if you will.

All of the above types of tour sound super attractive, and you can’t choose one. Then why not combine two or three to spice the trip up?

What to Consider

After outlining types of Indonesia private tours, it’s time to put these points into perspective:

  • Interests

Define your interests from the tour types above. Are you seeking a thrilling adventure tour, or wish to embark on an in-depth cultural exploration in the most remote villages of Indonesia?

  • Budgets

Define the number carefully, and add an emergency budget into the equation. If you’re tight on the budget, make sure to stick on tour itineray in one island or region. As you may know, Indonesia consist of five major islands : Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Borneo and Papua. To get around or to the attraction sites, consider whether flight reservations may be required or not. Take note that you can save your expense for inter-city flights if your trip is fully executed on one island or nearby cities.

  • Destinations

Every type of Indonesia private tours offer various attraction sites, and even if you’re dreaming of visiting them all in your upcoming trip, the chances are that you may need to cut some down. Select the places you want to visit by considering your style, interest, travel duration and your budget.

  • Tour Participants

The more, the merrier. It’s no secret that any Indonesia private tours can get much cheaper with more participants. Perhaps you can start calling up your friends or colleagues whether they’re interested in embarking on the journey!

  • Accommodations

Ranging from the cheapest guesthouses you can find to the most luxurious ones, tourist accommodations in Indonesia are available ( except in remote areas ) to choose according to budget and preference. Take note that whichever you want will influence the pricing quote from the tour planner as well.

Introducing Adventure Indonesia

With more than 20 years of experience, Adventure Indonesia Tour Operator is one of the trusted Indonesia private tours’ organizers based in both Jakarta and Bali. Offering the guarantee that every customer will experience limitless Indonesia adventures, many of our favorite packages surround anywhere in its five major islands: Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, and Papua.

With a customized itinerary designed just for you, Adventure Indonesia puts forth professionalism and flexibility at the same time: ensuring a quality service until the moment you come back home. Covering all the tour types above, clients have free options to get around in transportations, guide, and itinerary matching their interests.

Local Guides

All of our guides are fluent in English, but feel free to request other language-speaking guides like Russian, Italian, or Spain before the tour reservation. Take note that these tour guides will be subject to availability, and extra charges will be applied if your customized itinerary includes destinations to the remote areas e.g : borneo and papua.

Tour Prices

Completed with expert tour planners and competitive tour prices, Adventure Indonesia has also proven a versatile record workable for various types of clients: solo goers, students, families, business people, and adventurers. Traveling with the Adventure Indonesia indeed has never seemed this hassle-free before.

Create your Indonesia Private Tours Itinerary

Once you’re sure which type of Indonesia private tours to take and have considered the requirements to embark on the trip successfully, a memorable journey is soon underway. For any professional assistance, Adventure Indonesia Tour Planner is established to answer all your traveling information and assist you in arranging the dream vacation you’ve always wanted!

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