Insurance Benefits

During the term of this Agreement, Adventure Indonesia is not
responsible for any kinds of insurance.  Adventure Indonesia is not responsible for any medical, hospital, doctor, rescue, evacuation, or associated transportation costs. In the event of accident, Adventure Indonesia shall evacuate the clients to the nearest hospital using all possible means of transportation and with any emergency logistic including human powers in case there are no transportation to evacuate the clients. A liable liability insurance shall be prepared at the country of origin before coming to Indonesia

Automobile insurance should be provided by Adventure Indonesia. Automobile insurance will be automatically covered by the Government insurance company  named “Jasa Raharja” for the victims of traffic accidents caused by motorized vehicles, accidents involving two or more vehicles as well as train accidents. The values of insurance, as follows:
* Accident death: IDR 25,000,000.
* Accident Medical Expenses:IDR 10,000,000.