Luxury Trip Tour Package

  • We provide the only exclusive adventure tours deep in the jungle or high up in the mountains of Indonesia.
  • We specialize in high-end experiences. Come see what sets us apart and let us take you on the trip of a lifetime.
  • We understand the value of unforgettable local experiences. We design your itinerary to include incredible highlights as farm-to-table dining moments and private guided tours to the most sought-after sites in our country.
  • From complete full packaged tours to tailor-made, we’re here to ensure that you can travel in comfort and class.
  • Small group sizes: Small group allow you to experience the highlights of your travel itinerary more intimately, allowing you more up-close and personal experiences with your guide and group.
  • No matter you are deep in the jungle on in the mountain we provide glamorous outdoor campsites, river-side rooms and more whenever possible.
  • We will make sure you will not to wait in line at the airport, borders, and security checkpoints.
  • Escorted tours: You will never walk alone! No matter you are on the plane, ferry or on other mean of transportation between the destinations in Indonesia, there will be our special staff who will escorting you to make sure you are OK, comfortable and safe. The escort is one of experienced staffs who knows well about our country and the various habits of the local people.


Tour Planner:

  • Most of our tours planners assist you to plane your tours based on the years of experiences. Even many of them were working as guides.
  • They will make daily report at the end of each day with feedback on what the client did that day and make any problems clear.
  • They will re-confirm flights, hotel VIP check-in, restaurant reservations and meetings, in advance.

Escort Staffs and Local Guides

  • Fluent in English and easily understood (not very heavy accents).
  • Very knowledgeable about the history/culture/architecture/sites.
  • Friendly, pleasant and respectful.
  • Will make sure you are comfortable at all times.


  • Driving safely and carefully and obey the speed limits, taking road quality and weather into consideration.
  • Our driver stand by with the car 30 minutes prior to the arranged meeting time just in case the clients want to leave early.