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When it comes to a trip to Indonesia, everyone probably points out Bali as their top destination with its Hinduism culture and amazing beaches. However, if you have visited Bali before and would like to seek more about Indonesia’s culture, Jogja should definitely be your main destination. Here are the top places that you should be inside your Jogja culture trip list!

Borobudur Temple

From afar, this Buddhist temple would look like a huge mountain made from a huge stone that is beautifully crafted. Built during the 9th century, you will find a terrace of stupas with Buddha inside. The myth says that if you’re able to reach the Buddha statue inside the stupa, you will be able to reach your dream and desire in life. You can also find stone corridors in each terrace with unique relief beautifully crafted on the stone walls that tell the story about the life of Javanese people during the 8th century. This Buddhist biggest temple in the world is a must-visit for your Jogja culture trip.

Prambanan Temple

Unlike the Borobudur temple with Buddhism influence, the Prambanan temple is influenced by Hinduism with its pointed architecture and consists of several stone buildings. The largest stone buildings are 3 trimurti temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, Hinduism god, and are 47 meters tall above the ground. This temple is also well known for the story of Roro Jonggrang who was cursed after breaking her promise to Prince Bandung Bondowoso, the one who built Prambanan overnight.  

Mendut Temple

Similar to Borobudur temple, Mendut temple is a Buddhist temple known with its giant Budha statue. Many Buddhist people still hold special rituals between Mendut temple, Borobudur temple and Pawon temple, another temple located nearby since three of them located in one straight line. The ritual will be held during the full moon each year in May and June during Vesak.

Sultan Royal Palace

One of the top destinations that should be on your list during your visit to Jogja is obviously Sultan Royal Palace located in the center of Jogja city. You can seek the experience of the royal culture in this place as well as enjoying the beautiful architecture of the palace as well as the collection of weapons, batik, statue, gamelan performance, wayang performance, and traditional ceremonies that happens at a particular day or occasions only.

Taman Sari Water Castle

Located near the palace, Taman Sari Water Castle offers you an amazingly unique and beautiful spot of a bathing complex that used by the Sultan of Yogyakarta as well as Jogja’s royalty in the past. You can find several outdoor pools with green water that lies inside a fortress-like building. Aside from that, you will also be exposed to the amazing architectural entrance gates that are worth to take a picture for.

Silverware Home Industry

Aside from its beautiful batik, Jogja is also known for its silverware home industry located in Kotagede since the 16th century.  There are two types of silverware that Kotagede silverware produces, which are filigree that used for jewelry and solid silver that used for kitchenware and miniature. In Kotagede, you will also be exposed to the silver-making process as well as the process of making batik.

Dieng Plateau

Established in the 7th century AD, the Dieng temple complex is the oldest stone structure in Java. Located around 2000 meters above sea level, you can feel enjoy the fresh Dieng air and enjoying the sight of beautiful hills with various plantations. Besides, you can also find active craters and colored lakes around Dieng plateau which of course will be memorable for your Jogja culture trip. 

Jogja is an awesome city that is worth to visit for, especially if you’re looking for a cultural trip. These places should surely be on your list during your Jogja culture trip. You can also pick a tour program offered by Adventure Indonesia entitled Yogyakarta Cultural Tour with meals and facilities for your memorable Jogja trip.

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