First of all, you have to report your arrival in Komodo National Park Office. If you want to take photos, better to listens ranger’s suggestion and keep the distance of 2-3 meters away from komodo. Using camera with telephoto lens will be a good choice, to avoid taking photo too close to Komodo. Because komodo can smell blood keenly, it’s better for women who are menstruating not to visit Komodo National Park to avoid Komodo attack. If those women already came to Komodo National Park, they have to tell the ranger about their condition and stay close to the ranger. Tourist should not bring a lot of stuffs with them during Komodo Dragons tour like camera, camera bag, backpack, plastic bag, and many more. If it fell down accidentally, it will provoke Komodo since Komodo “think” it is food for them. Local people usually throw some food for Komodo, if they want to feed Komodo. Then, tourist should be quiet, walking in a group, and better don’t use perfume. The last, don’t move too much when you are close to Komodo, since it will provoke Komodo to attack. If Komodo try to catch you, run with zig-zag pattern to higher place except tree since young komodo love to roost on the tree.


Ranger’s Role in Komodo Dragon Tour


In Komodo Island, Rinca Island and other islands in Komodo National Park area, human and komodo could live together harmoniously. Even though there are several cases komodo attacking human, it because human disturbed the komodo or doing something carelessly which provoked komodo to attack them. Therefore, Komodo National Park employed hundreds of rangers from local people. 


Rangers play important roles in Komodo National Park area. The first role is as security guard both for local people and tourists. They monitor and guarantee the safety of tourists as well as local people from criminals and komodo attacks. They also protect Komodo existence from huntsman and the natural resources in Komodo National Park from devastation.  

For tourist, it is important to report their arrival to Komodo National Park office and to be guided by a ranger. Rangers will bring “safety” sticks with them during escorting the visitors and doing island patrol. This Y-shaped wooden stick could be use for dispelling komodo when they trying to attack people. Rangers will use Y-shaped part of this wooden stick to hold Komodo’s neck or mouth. 


Komodo is wild animal and its saliva also poisonous. If you want to take photos, better to listens ranger’s suggestion and keep the distance of 5 meters away from komodo. Using camera with telephoto lens will be a

good choice, to avoid taking photo too close to Komodo.