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Our Luxury Boat Komodo will take you into an incredible journey exploring the magnificent Komodo Island and all the natural wonders

Be prepared to discover the most exciting things on your exploration through the Komodo Islands. A rare sight of the world’s largest reptiles awaits any traveler who is looking for a wonderful experience on the heavenly, exotic site. The best way to catch all those wonders is by going on the luxury boat Komodo that will take you into an incredible journey around one of the most enchanting islands in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago.

Types of Luxury Boat

In line with the increase of visitors to Komodo Island, the types of luxury boat Komodo vary widely. There are several choices and specification available. You can choose any boat, depending on your budgets. Whether you travel alone, with partner or with family, we have luxury boat option that can accommodate your needs. However, please note that the reservation should be made early in advance.

Chater Private Luxury Komodo Boat for Groups and Families

Looking for an exclusive service for your groups or families? Then you should book the private luxury Komodo boat. This option offers a maximum comfort, privacy and flexibility. The large luxury boat can take up to 24 guests on a single cruise; it is a perfect service for families, groups of friends, crews of divers, or basically any groups who want to plan a specific itinerary exploring the national park.

Joining Liveaboard Luxury Phinisi

Enjoy the most pleasant experience while sailing through the ocean around Komodo and Flores Island by joining Liveaboard Luxury Phinisi. Those luxury boats specifically designed to allow all guests enjoying life on a cruise. Offering excellent services, this type of boat comes with some exclusive facilities, including deluxe cabins, kitchen and dining space, as well as private staff and dive guides.

Joining liveaboard luxury phinisi gives you a better chance to expand your exploration on both island trekking and ocean diving. With friendly staff, comfortable cabins, and plenty of foods on board, the best cruising experience is guaranteed.

Facilities and Additional Amenities

Luxury boat Komodo offers the best facilities to ensure your comfort and convenience during the cruise. The boats provide 24 hours air-conditioned cabins and communal areas which include the lounge, serviced bar, and dining spaces. Each cabin on the standard boat features a private bathroom with a western toilet and hot/cold shower in addition to a cozy bed in single, queen, or king size. The spacious cabins will also make you more comfortable to sleep in and relax along the voyage.

In addition to the main facilities and services, tourists joining the Komodo cruise trip can use several additional amenities that are available onboard. For instance, you can have an enjoyable time while using the exclusive karaoke room. Each boat also features two large decks to let you catch the best ocean view. On the upper deck, you can have a relaxing time while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and the clear blue sky above your head. Meanwhile, the lower deck is a perfect location to sit peacefully and indulge yourself in the surrounding beauty of the island’s coastal area.

Safety Devices

The priority of Komodo cruise is not only about comfort and luxury, but also your safety and security. To ensure that you are perfectly safe on board, the boat provides some safety equipment. Life jackets are available and ready to use by all passengers. Every boat cruising to Komodo Island is also equipped with lifebuoys and lifeboats.

Meals and Beverages

Enjoy a wide variety of delectable meals and refreshing beverages on the luxury boat Komodo. To make your dining time feel more pleasant, all main meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are served in the communal dining space. You can savor the culinary delights while engaging in a casual conversation with other passengers.

Besides the main meals, all passengers can gobble up snacks and light meals which are served twice during the cruise. As for the beverages, flow soft drink is always available for free. You can also enjoy some fresh juice after trekking along the forested paths of the island.

The cost for all those delicacies mentioned above is included on your tour package. However, an additional charge may apply if you want to order alcoholic drinks at the boat’s serviced bar.

Activities You Can Enjoy

A trip around the island on the luxury boat Komodo offers various interesting things beyond your expectation. Here are some enjoyable activities you can do while going on this cruise.

1. Taking a closer look at the rare Komodo dragons

Being the cruise’s main attraction, the magnificent Komodo lizards—also known as the latest dragons on earth—will definitely be a part of your unforgettable adventure. On your visit to the Komodo National Park, you can spot these rare, yet magnificent reptiles in their natural habitat.

The striking tropical savannah also awaits you for exciting exploration. Note that all activities you do on Komodo Island will be accompanied by professional rangers and tour guides to ensure your safety throughout the journey.

2. Trekking and Hiking

Trek through the forest and hike up to the highest mountain peak to catch the tremendous sight of the island. You can choose to go trekking early in the morning or late in the afternoon (depends on sea condition); all the islands within the national park offer spectacular view that will complete your journey. Expect to see the finest scenery when you are trekking through some of the best locations below:

  • Trekking Komodo Island

As the largest site in Komodo National Park, Komodo Island offers some first-rate trekking routes which include the sight of the mountain slope, coastal area, descending hill, and high terrain. Komodo dragons and other species of fauna living on the island will also be a part of your trekking journey.

  • Trekking Rinca Island

The national park’s second-largest site, Rinca Island, is probably less popular than Komodo Island. In spite of it, this island offers the matchless beauty of a savannah featuring palm trees and dry forest vegetation.

  • Trekking Padar Island

Padar Island is the third largest site of Komodo National Park. Trekking through this island will lead you to explore the range of picturesque hills as well as the spacious verdant savannah.

3. Diving

As one of the finest diving sites in Indonesia, Flores Island offers a breathtaking view of marine life. You can expect to spot sea turtles and giant manta rays while diving in the ocean around the island. Beautiful coral reefs expanding on the ocean will also make your diving experience more enjoyable and memorable at the same time.

As one of the finest diving sites in Indonesia, Komodo National Park offers a breathtaking view of marine life. You can expect to spot sea turtles and giant manta rays and wide variety of colorful fishes. Beautiful coral reefs expanding on the ocean will also make your diving experience more enjoyable and memorable at the same time.

Due to strong currents, dive sites are depend on your level of scuba diving certification and level of experience. Regardless of the strong current there are some sites safe to dive for beginner, such as Bidadari, Kanawa, Sebayur, and Siaba Besar Island. Meanwhile, the experienced divers can enjoy the amazing sites of Castle Rock and Batu Bolong.

4. Snorkeling

Besides diving, snorkeling is another interesting way to explore the fascinating marine life on your cruise to the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. Here are some excellent destinations for the best snorkeling experience:

  • Kelor Island
    A visit to Kelor Island allows you to go snorkeling through the island’s crystal clear water. It is filled with a wide variety of fish and coral reefs in a preserved marine ecosystem. This small, yet charming island offers supreme beauty both on land and underwater.
  • Manjerite
    Manjerite is a part of Flores Island which also serves as an excellent snorkeling site. The site can only be reached by boat, so joining the tour of luxury boat Komodo is the right way to access this beautiful island. Crystal clear water, as well as multicolored fish and coral reefs are for you to enjoy.
  • Kanawa Island
    Kanawa Island is located in the border of Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park. This beautiful island is surrounded by white sands and colorful corals and fishes. Kanawa Island is a perfect place for snorkeling or simply relaxing on the beach

5. Beach Combing

Some secluded coastal areas are situated within Komodo National Park. You can find the natural wonders boasting soft white sand, pristine ocean, and a beautiful sight of the seaside; they are truly the best location for strolling around at the highest state of serenity and tranquility.

The picturesque beaches you shouldn’t miss are the ones located on Padar Island. This island has several beautiful beaches to offer, including a white-sanded beach, a unique seaside area with pink sands—famously known as Pink Beach, as well as a black beach which is situated on the former volcanic site.

6.Watching thousands of bats in Kalong Island

Kalong Island is truly the best destination to complete your cruise experience. In addition to the scenic sunset view, this small island offers a unique sight where thousands of bats are flying around the sky as the sun goes down. Kalong is the Indonesian word for bats which make this island a perfect representation for its name.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

A cruise exploration of the exotic island of Komodo dragons is an amazing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. However, before making a reservation to go on the luxury boat Komodo, there are several important things you should always bear in mind.

  • If you plan to book joining Liveaboard Luxury Phinisi, it’s highly recommended to make advance booking months prior to your trip.
  • Casual wear is highly recommended for trekking. You should also wear hiking or trekking shoes for a more comfortable walk.
  • Before taking a trip to Komodo National Park, make sure you pack the essential travel items, including sunscreen, as well as a sunhat and dark sunglasses.
  • Taking enough cash with you is also advisable since you cannot find an ATM on the island.
  • The best time to participate in boat tours Komodo and visit Komodo National Park may depend on your preference. In general, your chance of spotting Komodo lizards will be higher from September and November. However, if you also want to watch fascinating marine creatures such as whale sharks and manta rays, do visit between April and June.
  • July and August are marked as the busiest months since they are the peak holiday season for both domestic and international tourists. Besides, this period is also a mating season for Komodo lizards so that you may see less of them in the national park.

That concludes all you need to know regarding the extravagant journey on the luxury boat Komodo. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your Indonesian trip to Komodo Island by going on this cruise. The exploration through the beautiful Flores Island and the exceptional Komodo National Park is undoubtedly a breathtaking slice of heaven you’ll always remember for a lifetime.

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