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The Komodo National Park is popular among domestic and international tourists. It’s known for the Komodo Dragon and also the diversity of its marine life. As a part of Komodo National Park, Kalong Island is one of the places that you can’t miss out on your visit to Komodo. It is a small island located near the main Komodo Island. However, this small island attracts lots of visitors. During your visit to Komodo, whether with a speed boat or a liveaboard, you can choose Kalong Island as one of the destinations. It only takes less than 1 hour to get there from Labuan Bajo Port. A really magical Kalong Island trip awaits.

Sunset on Kalong Island

Around 6 PM, the area around Kalong Island will be filled with boats. They’re all waiting for the flying foxes to fly out with the beautiful sunset as its background. Right after that, thousands of flying foxes (kalong) will come out from their hiding place to find food. When the sun still rises, they’re hiding inside the mangrove forest there. It will be a jaw-dropping experience. 

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These giant foxes are also known as fruit bats. It is the largest bat in the world and like its name, they only eat fruits. Flowers and pollen can also be their food options. In general, they live in warm climates, places where various fruits grow throughout the year. With their great eyesight and super sniffers, they can lock their target from miles away. Flying foxes plays an important role in the ecosystem as they spread the seed of the food they ate. 

Combine this experience with other places around the Komodo Islands. Drop your inquiries and we will be glad to help you arrange your magical trip to the Komodo Islands. We guarantee a worth to visit trip.

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