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Manta ray snorkeling in Bali is a great way to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. Here are 3 trips you should do before jumping into the water with the rays!

Joining a manta ray snorkeling in Bali can be a wonderful experience. If this is your first time snorkeling and figuring out what to do, follow the 3 important tips below!

Approach As Quietly As Possible.

Swimming with Manta Ray is an amazing experience. However, you need to approach them more carefully. Manta is delicate creatures; approaching them from the front could accidentally hit them.

The best way to swim close to them is by swimming slowly and keeping the fins below the surface, so you don’t splash the water. This might scare the manta rays away, so it is best to approach them as quietly as possible.

You don’t need to approach them too close. Just keep a 3 meters distance from them, and they will come to you themselves. It would be best to approach them from the side, so the mantas have a clear path to swim around.

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Do Not Chase Them

Another thing to remember when you join a manta ray snorkeling in Bali is not to chase after them! They might get scared and swim away and further from you. Also, you cannot catch them when they’re swimming away as they can swim fast!

When they are close, you should also avoid touching them! It can counteract the protective mucus on manta rays’ skin, reducing their immune system. This can harm the manta rays! Also, depending on local laws, you may get fined for touching the rays.

Get a Professional Guide.

Snorkeling is generally safe and easier than diving. However, it is important to avoid wandering to the ocean alone as the water and the situation on the ocean can be very unpredictable.

Snorkeling should be done together with other individuals, even if it is not your first time. It is best to snorkel with a couple of companions or a professional guide to ensure your safety. If you don’t know where to get a professional guide, joining a snorkeling tour can be a great choice as they also will help you get the best spot to swim with manta rays.

Now you have some of the most important tips when joining a manta ray snorkeling in Bali. Although snorkeling is quite a safe activity, follow all the rules and tips to enjoy the view and not harm the rays!

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