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Mount Batur Trekking Daily Departure. Bali is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and the beauty of the sea. However, there is more than that. One of them is Mount Batur. Mount Batur trekking should be one of your considered places to visit in Bali. 

According to Hindu beliefs, Mount Batur is one of the most sacred mountains in Bali. Located in Batur Village in Kintamani, it stands 1717m above the sea level. It is an active volcano and the last eruption of Mount Batur was around 1999 and 2000.

What Do You Need To Know Before Trekking

Mount Batur trekking considered easy and almost anyone can hike it. It is compatible with you who have no experience in hiking before or beginners. With its height, it took 2-3 hours to reach. When you do hiking, it is important to be physically fit. Young children with parent guidance also welcome, so it is a good activity for the family. Wear comfortable shoes (trekking shoes are unnecessary), comfortable clothes (long pants are recommended), and do bring face masks as the trail might be dusty. Bring a day pack to insert your essential things such as food and water. After that, you are ready to hike!

Scenery From Mount Batur

The easiness of the track, beauty of the scenery of the peak, and sunrise are reasons why people love to visit Batur. Arrived at the peak of Mount Batur, you will be amazed by its scenery. If the weather is clear (no clouds get on your way), you can see mountains and lakes. Mount Agung (the highest in Bali) Mount Rinjani ( located in Lombok), Mount Semeru (located in East Java), Mount Abang, and lake Batur. It is amazing how you can see mountains from different islands. You will feel that it was all worth it.

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