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From the young generation to senior, all desire to do Mount Kerinci trekking trip. Standing 3,805 meters high, it stands higher than Mount Fuji in Japan. Mount Kerinci is one of the most active and highest volcanoes in Indonesia. It is located in Kerinci Seblat National Park. In the border of Jambi Province and South Solok Regency of Sumatra.

The length of the trekking itself usually takes 2 days 1 night. A carrier is recommended to insert your needed things when trekking. Bring the essentials things and don’t leave your food and water behind.

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Stages of Mount Kerinci

There are stages that you need to go through to get to the summit. First post, second post, third post, shelter 1, shelter 2, shelter 3, and finally reach the summit. Posts are places where the forest is still dense. As Sumatran Tigers have been seen roaming around the forest here, the big trees are ideal for them to hide. It is not recommended and dangerous to have a night at the posts. However, it is safe to have a night, either in each one of the shelters. People usually make a camp in shelters 2 or 3. There are not many big trees around the shelters. This means it is hard for the Sumatran Tiger to hide in short plants. 

In posts, the road is still categorized as an easy level. But you should expect a harder challenge when you want to move from each shelter. The road will be steeper, you really need lots of energy to step in every climb. Do not hesitate to ask help from your guide, a friend, and make a hard grip on the twigs or branches around you.

On the way from shelter 3 to Mount Kerinci’s summit

Mount Kerinci’s Living Being

Even though it’s hard, but along the climb, there are lots of things to be amazed at. Varies of vegetation in each stage of the mountain, the chill fresh air, and chances to see the rare or endemic animals of Sumatra. From lizard, birds, Siamang Monkeys, and Orange Leaf monkeys are often seen here. At night, be ready to be mesmerized by the stars. The beauty of sunrise and the happiness after climbing for hours will be worth it.

What To Prepare Before Mount Kerinci Trekking

Make sure to bring warm clothes as it might get windy up in the summit area. Check the weather too, as it is still an active volcano. You can also book your trip to Mount Kerinci or any part of Sumatra with us. We guarantee that your safety is number one. We have been experienced in taking lots of clients to Mount Kerinci. What might makes you shock is there are also 60-75 years old who join our tour to hike Mount Kerinci. If they can do it, so do you!

It is a great opportunity for those who want adventure and take a challenge.

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