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Labuan Bajo is one of the most favorite places to visit by locals and international tourists. Many known Labuan Bajo as Komodo. There are lots of wonderful places that you can visit around Komodo.

For those who have limited time in your holiday, a One-Day Komodo Speed Boat Tour is the right choice for you.

Reach lots of destinations of Komodo in just a day

You can choose a half-day or one-day Komodo Speed Boat Tour according to your likeness.

Departure points for Komodo Tour

Labuan Bajo is the main departure point for the Komodo tour. To get there, you can either fly directly from Bali or Lombok for about an hour. However, Labuan Bajo is not the only point. You can actually sail to Komodo National Park from Bali and Lombok. Depending on your travel preference, time, and budget, you can take a flight or book boat trips.

Half-Day Komodo Speed Boat Tour

In a half-day tour, you can catch the morning flight from Bali and start the trip from 12 PM and end at 6 PM. As it is a half-day tour you can only visit around 4 destinations.

Half-Day Komodo Tour Destinations

In general, visitors will ride speed boat from Labuan Bajo Pier (A) to Kelor Island (B). Hike up, prepare to be mesmerized in the beauty from above the hill of Kelor Island, the beauty of clear water and sand. Rinca Island (C) is our next destination. It is also the main islands of Komodo National Park. Trek and meet the famous Komodo Dragon. Have some time to snorkel in the clear sea of Manjarite (D). End with Kalong Island (E). Kalong Island is the home of many giant Kalong (or also known as Flying Fox). While waiting for the sunset, you will be amazed by the numbers of Flying Fox flying in the sky. 

We will make a 1-2 hour stop at each destination. However, if you think that this is not enough. Worry not because the One-Day Komodo Tour might be the one you’re looking for.

One-Day Komodo Speed Boat Tour

For a one-day,  start your trip from 6 AM until 4 PM. With a one-day tour, you can stop at more places around Komodo. Start your trip from Labuan Bajo Pier (A) and continue your trip to trek the famous Padar Island (B). You will be mesmerized by the view from above. Continue your trip to 

One-Day Komodo Tour

Have a relaxing time in Pink Beach (C). Komodo Island (D) is also one of the destinations that many like to visit during the Komodo tour. Have a small tour inside the Komodo National Park and see one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It might be not complete to visit Komodo without having a look at what Komodo Island looks like. Snorkeling at Manta Point (E) will be one of the destinations that people looking for too. Here you can see the great Manta and other marine diversity. Taka Makassar (F) the small island in the middle of the sea. You will be amazed at its existence. Kanawa Island (G) is the last destination that you can visit during the Komodo Trip. Relaxed in this small island with a quiet beach. 

Same as the half-day tour program, we will make a stop for 1-2 hours in each destination. If you want to experience the Komodo tour fully, from start to the end, we recommend you to take this one-day tour. Take an evening flight to Labuan Bajo and stay one night in a hotel around. 

Who’s ready for the next trip to Komodo?

Drop your inquiry to us and what’s great is you are able to customize the tour by your likeness. A 3 or 4 day Komodo Tour is also available for you who want to enjoy more of what’s around Komodo. We are excited to help your Komodo tour experience be wonderful! Definitely in a clean, healthy, and safety trip.

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