Riverside Orangutan Lodge

To stay overnight in Orangutan tour Borneo, you could stay in klotok wooden boat or in Riverside Lodge that located inside Tanjung Puting National Park.


Overnight at the Lodge allow you to have a nice sleep and good wash for the whole days. The clean, comfortable accommodation blends naturally with the  surrounding jungle environment.


The lodge built in a series of adjoining elevated pavilions. Walkways join the rooms with the restaurant, reception, lounge and office.


There are 35 rooms fall into three types:

Diamond (3 rooms),

Emerald (12 rooms) 

Amethyst (20 rooms).


All rooms include:

Air Conditioning, fans and hot water

Mosquito nets and repellent

Comfortable double or twin beds

Modern Showers and toilets (western toilet)


You will get additional charge based on the type of the accommodation you choose in the lodge if you decide to stay here.

Take Part to Support Orangutan & Rainforest Conservation

We are not simply about bringing visitors to see the Orangutan but to raise awareness about the threat they are facing as a big number of Orangutans keep decreasing in the past years.  You are invited to Take part in supporting Borneo orangutan conservation project !