The entry point to get Tanjung Puting National Park is Pangkalan Bun Airport, a town in Central Kalimantan. To reach Pangkalan Bun Airport, there is DIRECT FLIGHT available from Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. If you depart from Bali or Balikpapan, you need to take flight to one of those 3 cities, then connect flight to Pangkalan Bun.


From airport  you will drive to Kumai. Tanjung Puting national park is accessible only by river from Kumai port. Klotok, a typical traditional houseboat designated for tourist needs is the only convenient river transportation which will allow visitors to experience the nature around as it’s designed to slowly cruising down the Sekonyer river. Not only as transportation, Klotok also plays as a base accommodation.


Kindly see below for the flight schedule to Pangkalan Bun:

How to Get to Tanjung Puting

Since the Covid pandemic, some of the below flight are change. please email us to get new update of flights to Pangkalan Bun. We will help you to get to Tanjung Puting National Park.

From Jakarta

There are 2 direct flight from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun that operates daily. Flight schedule as per below:

Jakarta – Pangkalan Bun by NAM Air (daily) : ETD 06:40  ETA 08:00


From Surabaya
From Semarang
From Bali
From Yogyakarta
From Balikpapan
From Berau / Derawan


For those who wanto to have an adventurous honeymoon, Tanjung Puting National Parks has romantic river and forest that offer a romantic atmosphere.

Established as a national park in 1982, Tanjung Puting national park is nestled within a vast and dense tropical rainforest of Central Borneo province in the area of 416.040 hectares consist of lowland tropical forests, dry land forest, freshwater swamp forest, peat swamp forests, mangrove forests, coastal forests and secondary forests.


The park is a world-renowned for its Borneo Orangutan conservation and its large biological diversity. In addition to Orangutan, Tanjung Puting national park is also home to proboscis monkey, gibbons, macaque, sun bears, wild boars, clouded leopard, porcupines, samba deer, many reptiles - including crocodile and python, and birds - including hornbill and kingfisher.            


Tanjung Puting National park is one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in Indonesia and the best place to see Orangutan in the wild where the Orangutan sighting is near guarantee. There are three camps in the park built as Orangutan research station and rehabilitation center where Orangutan usually come to find food in feeding time which is done on daily basis.

·         Camp Tanjung Harapan at 3 pm

·         Camp Pondok Tanggui at 9 am  

·         Camp Leakey at 2 pm


In your Tanjung Puting tour, you will see the orangutans - a lot of ex-captive orangutans - rehabilitated in the park. you will also meet the king of this area, the largest and the oldest orangutan who is still living in a wilderness of a national park.

The relative humidity of the area ranges between 55 and 98 percent and the temperature varies from 22 - 32 degree Celsius.