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Pink Beach Komodo Island makes one of Earth’s most stunning pink beaches. It’s hardly arguable how striking the view is. Especially when your camera angle and sunlight are at their best. Everything seems to look heaven-sent.

If you need more reasons to visit Komodo Island other than Komodo dragons sightseeing, coming to this beach is one of the wisest bets. Read more to see why taking in the sight of this island’s wonder should be on your travel bucket list next.

Not all beaches in the world have gorgeous pink sand. Indonesia is so blessed for having one right in Komodo Island. Pink Beach Komodo Island is also called “Pantai Merah” in the Indonesian language. The red pigment comes from nearby coral reefs pieces of microscopic living named Foraminifera. The red sands then combine with white ones, producing a subtle color of breathtaking pink you’ll soon witness once you’re here.

Snorkeling at Pink Beach Crystal Blue Water

Scientific process aside, however, the beach won’t fail to present nature’s gift. Through not only its unique sand but also crystal blue water and vibrant underwater coral gardens. All of which offer thrilling Komodo water sports activities you’ll hardly forget.

Those who are first-timers in snorkeling and diving are exceptionally welcome here. As well as photography hunters who plan to capture the fairytale-like scenery on the island. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about its obviously stunning sunset.

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Some visitors attempt to bring the sands back home, due to their unusual color. Collecting some sands or corals to fly with you is against Indonesian law since it is located in a protected area. Your luggage will be checked by the airport authority before the departure check-in. So, we highly recommend that you never attempt to collect the sands or coral in the national park to bring back home.

You will reach Pink Beach by boating approximately 4 hours from Labuan Bajo or 15 minutes from Komodo island in normal weather. 

Plan a tour to Pink Beach Komodo ?

Pink Beach Komodo Island is waiting for you! Start booking the trip to enjoy all the fun. Visit Adventure Indonesia to choose the adventure catered to what you prefer. Unveil the magical experience throughout our tour programs with first-hand prices.

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