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Visit the best spots in Raja Ampat Islands for more memorable experiences. These four travel highlights should help you plan your itineraries.

Raja Ampat is too big to explore in one day, but if your travel time is limited, make sure to visit all the top spots. Raja Ampat Islands have several travel highlights to make your itineraries more practical. 

You can reach most of these places using longboats. However, the speedboat is recommended to reach locations up north, such as Wayag Island (around a 4-hour trip from Raja Ampat’s capital Waisai).

Travel highlights in Raja Ampat for your consideration.

Wayag Island

Located off the western coast of Waigeo Island, Wayag Island offers both underwater paradise and green, pristine hills. While it is known as a spot for diving and soft hiking, Wayag Island is also a popular destination for a live-aboard route. You can book one of these all-inclusive boat trips in Sorong and enjoy the leisure trip in a more convenient way.

Wayag Island also has a hill where you can see the sprawling beauty of the surrounding islands and atolls. Climbing to the top requires good physical condition, but you will be rewarded with majestic scenery.


Piaynemo is a popular place to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat Islands from the top. Located on the western part of Waigeo Island, Piaynemo is known for a viewing spot called “Bukit Piaynemo” (Piaynemo Hill).

The viewing spot is a simple, manmade deck with wooden rails, which you must reach by climbing on 320 steps. Your efforts will be rewarded by the sprawling, majestic scenery of the Raja Ampat archipelago and the blue sea surrounding it.

Kabui Bay

Kabui Bay is one of the hidden paradises in Raja Ampat Islands. Located on Waigeo Island, the bay offers majestic sceneries of karst formations covered by lush greeneries. When the tide is low, you can see caves that inspired local folktales about “sea ghosts”, which might refer to rare giant octopuses.

Boating in Kabui Bay is an unforgettable experience. Aside from the scenery, you can snorkel or dive in several spots. Kabui Bay is also known for its dolphins, which appear during warm, clear weather.

Cape Kri

Cape Kri is a famous diving site on Kri Island, located southwest of Waisai, Raja Ampat’s capital. This little paradise is known as a habitat of around 374 marine species, including seahorses and barracudas. At a depth of 38 meters, divers can see a big anchor that has merged with coral reefs, turning it into a beautiful playground for sea creatures.

Want to explore all these highlights in Raja Ampat Islands? Contact Adventure Indonesia for inquiries and to plan your trip, then enjoy all the best views offered by Raja Ampat.

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