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Sidemen trekking allows travelers to witness the traditional charm of rural Bali, including rice fields, morning market, and trek paths surrounded by nature.

Travelers visiting Bali usually expect things like beaches, surfing, spas, and nightclubs. However, if you prefer to see Bali’s authentic sides, join the Sidemen trekking trip. The tour takes you to the rural areas in Sidemen Valley, a rarely visited hidden gem that is not commonly featured as a popular tourist hub. It makes a perfect destination for travelers seeking quiet, refreshing sides of Bali.

The Beauty of Sidemen Trekking

Sidemen is situated in East Bali, around 45 minutes from Ubud. The rural area is surrounded by more notable destinations and landmarks, like Mount Agung and Tirta Gangga Water Palace. However, this area is still quieter than popular spots, like Kuta and Legian. The average temperature is around 25 to 26 degrees Celsius, similar to Ubud.

A trip to Sidemen Village is what you need to refresh and recharge. This rural area has sprawling rice fields, extending as far as your eyes can see. Farmers can be seen working in the middle of the fields, with the occasional water buffaloes and running children entering the beautiful picture.

Walking in this village allows you to see the authentic daily life of Balinese villagers. See children playing games and going to school in groups, women bearing tall offerings on their heads, and men wearing traditional sarongs. Morning is the best way to walk around Sidemen and witness the villagers starting their activities.

Things to Do in Sidemen Trekking

Sidemen trekking is more than just “walking around the village”. Make your experience Bali adventure more memorable by doing these activities:

Sidemen Valley Rice field Walk Tour

There is no better way to enjoy the scenic view of Sidemen’s rice field than to explore the area on foot. Join the exciting Sidemen valley rice field walk to discover the authentic natural beauty of Bali. The trek will lead you to various rice fields, passing through local plantations where you can see landscape of chilies, peanut, flowers, onion and see local people at work. Your local guide, who also a farmer, will delight you with his knowledge about traditional planting system, traditional irrigation system or locally called as Subak and introduce you to local fruits and plants you see along the way.

Other activities you can do in Sidemen besides rice filed walk tour are visit Balinese medicine man for palm reading, visit Endek and Songket hand weaving homes and if you are more of a thrill seeker, cycling can be the option to enjoy the lush, green landscape and fresh air of Sidemen.     

Balinese Cooking Class

Balinese cuisine is rich in herbs and spices  and it is closely tied the island’s unique culture. Discover the culinary secret of authentic Balinese cuisine with the help of local expert by joining Balinese cooking class. Balinese cooking class is an excellent opportunity to learn about daily life and local culture through culinary experience and more than that, it’s a window to experience life as a local. The class begins with morning market visit where you will learn tips how to pick fresh ingredients, vegetables and your choice of meat and fish as well as learn about local herbs and spices that make Balinese cuisine special. You will be expertly guided to prepare and cook your own delicious authentic Balinese dishes using traditional cooking method. The best part of the class comes at the end where you can finally enjoy the dishes you just have created

Seeing the Morning Market

The Sidemen morning market is a joy to behold if you love observing local activities. The market is open until 10:00am, selling everything from vegetables and fruits to condiments and spices. You can also taste local breakfast and local snacks. The locals are friendly and warm, and you are welcome to practice your haggling skill.

Joining the Locals’ Daily Activities

You are not a passive viewer in Sidemen trekking. During the walk, you can stop by at the villagers’ houses and having conversations. Join their daily activities to experience authentic rural life by making a little donation.

Overall, the main charm of the Sidemen trekking route is the lack of tourist vibes. You will not find tourists flocking with cameras, boutiques, or trendy coffee shops. You can see a glimpse of old Bali, way before the international travel boom changed its face. You can see more places of interest nearby if you take a three-day package, staying in nearby hotels to access the village.

Adventure Indonesia offers customized Bali tour, which includes Sidemen trekking. Choose the best itineraries and accommodation to make your trip more comfortable.

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