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Are you ready for snorkeling in Bali? Let’s whirl and twirl a little deeper to admire one of the world’s most spectacular underwater paradises.

Let’s move from pristine beaches, charismatic temples, or charming rice field terraces to another amazing sight you can find in Bali – its splendid underwater world. Colorful fish and corals, pretty sea creatures, or even shipwrecks are waiting for you. Snorkeling in Bali is one of the laid-back ways to discover them. 

On and off the shore, Bali offers the best and most memorable experiences – where to snorkel, the best snorkeling spots for beginners, and how much it will cost you. 

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Where to Snorkel in Bali 

Can’t wait to paddle along and swim alongside fish and other beautiful sea creatures? Here are some of the best or even the most scenic spots to snorkel in Bali. They are recommended sites for all levels of experience. 

  • Nusa Penida – Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Gamat Bay
  • Tulamben Beach – the home to the famous USAT shipwreck that has changed into a gorgeous coral garden
  • Amed
  • Blue Lagoon Padang Bai
  • Menjangan Island
  • Pemuteran Biorock

Snorkeling for Beginners in Bali

First-timer snorkeling in Bali? Worry not! Bali has beaches or snorkeling spots that are perfect for your level. 

You can go to the beaches or sites on the eastern, northeastern, and western sides of this Island. Not only do they have a calm sea, but they also offer coral reefs close to the shore, especially in shallow waters. They are perfect conditions that allow you to explore the amazing underwater world.

If you want to throw on a mask and snorkel for the first time, you are suggested to go to Amed or Tulamben since they have milder beach entry and current compared to Nusa Penida. 

Also, you still need a professional guide to make sure you have a safe snorkeling activity. 

Snorkeling in Bali Price.

The pricing can go lower or higher depending on various factors, like the snorkeling operator you hire and the snorkeling spots or locations you choose. 

More determining factors that make snorkeling prices different are the facilities, how many hours you get, the guide’s experience, the transportation cost, and more. You can also include the high holiday season and Bali’s tropical climate. 

Indeed, Bali is an absolute heaven for snorkeling enthusiasts, both beginners and proficient snorkelers. Snorkeling in Bali means finding boundless snorkeling and diving spots to explore and admire the magnificent underwater beauty and even interact with lively aquatic creatures. 

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