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Raja Ampat snorkeling trip is heavily recommended for good reasons. Here is why you should try snorkeling (and other activities) in Raja Ampat at least once.

If you are not a diver but still want to enjoy Raja Ampat’s underwater beauty, head to its many snorkeling spots instead. Raja Ampat’s snorkeling trip is touted as one of the best options, and not without reasons. Why is this Southwest Papuan archipelago such a popular destination?

Snorkeling Trip Raja Ampat

Here’s what we think about Raja Ampat and why it is a perfect snorkeling destination.

  1. Consistent Water Temperature 

Raja Ampat is located in Indonesia, a tropical country close to the equator. This location gives Raja Ampat a consistent water temperature. Even if you snorkel outside the peak season, you will still experience a relatively warm water temperature. 

Sea and weather temperatures are stable all year round, making it very easy to plan your journey. The average sea temperature stays between 28 and 29 degree Celsius all year round. Meanwhile, the average historical weather temperatures are around 30 degree Celsius during the day and 24 degree Celsius in the evening. Please note that it can reach 34 degrees Celsius during warmer days.

  1. Clarity and Rich Biodiversity 

Raja Ampat snorkeling trip always results in majestic underwater photos with good reason. The best clarity is between October and April (outside the monsoon season). Visibility is a bit poorer from November to March due to the large amount of plankton in the water.

Raja Ampat is also known for its rich biodiversity. With over 300 marine species and diverse types of coral reefs, you will always see something exciting in its water. From tropical fish and mollusks to manta rays and coral sharks, every snorkeling and diving trip is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience.

  1. Interesting Underwater Topography 

Raja Ampat’s underwater topography offers something for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts of all levels. From flat, shallow beaches to sloped walls, Raja Ampat always offers interesting spots to explore. There is something new even for repeat visitors.

Combined with Other Activities

Raja Ampat is more than just snorkeling or diving! This beautiful archipelago has lush, beautiful lands and hills. Guided trekking is a popular activity with a moderate difficulty level, thanks to the terrain, but the natural beauty is worth your efforts.

Waigeo Island, for example, has several trekking routes established by Warimak and Waifoi communities and supported by various NGOs. The routes take you through lush forests, sprawling hills, and pristine rivers. You can even visit ancient sites or stay in the village of Ambel Maya communities and witness local culture.

Raja Ampat also has great spots for kayaking and canoeing. Dampier Strait and Misool, for example, have several spots suitable for people of all levels. You can book kayaking and canoeing trips with guides through your resort, along with snorkeling equipment—perfect activities to enjoy the beauty of the land and water.

The Raja Ampat snorkeling trip is definitely worth the journey, thanks to the perfect temperature, water condition, biodiversity, and other available activities you can combine with the snorkeling. Contact us at Adventure Indonesia to plan your itineraries and have a memorable trip.

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