• 1. Booking

    1.1 Booking should be made by email.
    1.2 Because of the trip need very much preparation, we suggest the booking should be made far in advance.

  • 2. Confirmation

    We will confirm the arrangement by email if all the facilities and other supporting things are available on the time of your travel.

  • 3. Down Payment

    Once the trip is confirmed by our management, you need to pay us Down Payment at 50 % from the TOTAL COST.

  • 4. The Balance of Payment

    The rest of the payment should be settled within 4 weeks before the arrival date

  • 5. Cancellation

    5.1 Cancellation Policy of Hotels, Boat Cruise, and Flight tickets  are referred to the Term and Condition of Hotels and Airlines. Possibly apply up to one year prior to trip date. Some of these parties apply non refundable deposit.
    5.2. Cancellation made within 3 months before the arrival, the deposit / down payment will be returned in full ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.3 Cancellation made within 30 days before the arrival, 10% from the land cost will be charged.( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.4 Cancellation made from 29 days – 21 days from the arrival date, 20% from the total land cost will be charged. ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.5 Cancellation made from 20 days – 14 days from the date of arrival, 30% from the total land cost will be charged. ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.6 Cancellation made from 14 days – 7 days from the date of arrival, 50% from the total land cost will be charged. ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.7 Cancellation made less than 7 days from the date of arrival, no refund provided. But the trip can be rescheduled with an extra cost of 50% from the total cost. ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.8 The refund for the air tickets will refer to the airline policy. Normally, the local airline in Indonesia will only refund 50% or less than the airfare. 
    5.9. The cancelled trip could be rescheduled without any penalty if the cancellation is made not less than one month. ( Please also refer to Cancellation Policy no 5.1)
    5.10. Our company does not responsible for any cancellation of the local flights either chartered or regular flights.

  • 6. Travel Insurance

    We strongly recommend that clients purchase travel insurance in their country in case of forced cancellation, loss of baggage or personal items, medical emergency, forced changes to your itinerary or other unexpected circumstances which lie beyond your control or the control of Adventure Indonesia. Adventure Indonesia is not responsible for any medical, hospital, doctor, rescue, evacuation, or associated transportation costs. In the event of accident, Adventure Indonesia shall evacuate the clients to the nearest hospital using all possible means of transportation and with any emergency logistic including human powers in case there are no transportation to evacuate the clients. A liable liability insurance shall be prepared at the country of origin before coming to Indonesia Automobile insurance should be provided by Adventure Indonesia. Automobile insurance will be automatically covered by the Government insurance company  named “Jasa Raharja” for the victims of traffic accidents caused by motorized vehicles, accidents involving two or more vehicles as well as train accidents. The values of insurance, as follows: * Accident death: IDR 25,000,000. * Accident Medical Expenses:IDR 10,000,000.

  • 7. The Domestic Flights

    Adventure Indonesia will deal with the all internal flights for you. Some of the flights tickets need to be booked far in advance, because there are only limited seat in the aircraft. What we need is the name list of passenger; please make sure the names given are similar with the name in the passport. Most of the tickets will be on your hand upon your arrival in Indonesia (we will send the e-tickets by email)

  • 8. The Fact of Travel to Indonesia

    8.1 Reality of Travel in Indonesia
    It is important to remember when booking an adventure trip to Indonesia that cultural differences can lead to inconsistencies in standards. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an OPEN MIND, PATIENCE, and FLEXIBILITY. Frustrations can occur with the inefficiency of some services during the trip. A FLEXIBLE ATTITUDE is required for enjoyment of travel in Indonesia. Understanding that problems can arise allows you to enjoy the experience more.
    8.2 Travels to a Third World Country
    As you will travelling to the “wild area & remote place” of a third world country. The limitation of facilities, infra- structures, unpredictable weather and cultural differences can lead you to Inconsistency in standards and can make you frustrations due to the above FACTS. Therefore you must ready for unexpected things and sometimes the arrangements ‘in the field’ do not go as smoothly as planned.
    8.3 Attitude
    For those who want to travel and enjoy this expedition, it is very important to set your expectations on the right level for a third world country, and leaving Western expectations behind. Consequently the lifestyle on this trip is necessarily very different from that of an ordinary holiday. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an OPEN MIND, PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY. A flexible attitude and understanding problems that can arise allows you to enjoy this trip more. If you are not prepared or willing to accept all of these facts, you should not enroll in this trip. However, the staff of ADVENTURE INDONESIA will be working hard to overcome problems which may arise to ensure that its standard of services is maintained. You should be aware that some things are beyond our control.
    8.4 Health Please
    check with your nearest travel clinic for immunizations against tropical diseases. The final decision on health matters is up to you and your physicians

  • 9. Liability Release

    • You understand and accept that the itinerary is travel through areas possibly subject to change due to unfavorable climatic or weather conditions, and is may change the program we have planned
    • You understand that Adventure Indonesia is not a ticketing agency. We only assist you to book and purchase your flight tickets. All matters incurred due to flight delays or cancellation will be between the passengers and airlines. All expenses incurred due to the flight delays or cancellation is not the responsibility of Adventure Indonesia  You will not make any claims against ADVENTURE INDONESIA or its staff and local guides for any dangerous and unfavorable conditions
    • Our guides have rights to cancel the tour or make changes on itinerary during the trip if the situation is not allowed due to the above unfavorable causes or due to the changes on flights made by the flight companies .
    • All activities made by clients beyond the confirmed tour program which cause the clients get problems with Indonesian law will be on personal responsibility .
    • Any changes on the confirmed itinerary requested by clients when the tour is commencing can be made only when it is possible and not disturb the schedules of the main programs as per the confirmed itinerary.
    • All costs incurred due to the changes of itinerary made by the clients will be on personal expenses.
    • Our team will do the best to keep your luggage safe and nothing left before you proceed. But they can’t control your belongings all the time. Therefore you must keep an eye on your personal belongings, especially the valuable goods (money, jewelry, camera, etc). They are your own responsibility. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage to baggage (or) belongings. However, Adventure Indonesia will assist with any claims made.
  • 10. Force Majeure

    10. 1 Our Company does not provide any kind of insurances, all participants should arrange proper insurance for their own which will cover the delay, cancellation, accident, medical evacuation, which may happen in the trip. 

    10.2 In case of injury, accident, or any other “out of our control” cases which may require evacuation, our company will only assist the arrangement of the transports (either sea, river, air, or land transport), while the cost will be levied to the participant.

    10.3 Our company reserves the right to adjust the daily program if needed due to the local condition and situation.