​Hi Joan,
Thank you for helping to organize our trip and providing some excellent guides!  We had a fantastic trip, learned a lot, and had many laughs along the way.

Our guide in Yogya was really knowledgeable and provided lots of insight into Indonesia and Hindu and Buddhist traditions at Prambanan and Borobudur.

Our walk to Selogriyo was a little different. The village and walk were very nice, but it turned out that Unesco was completely reconstructing the temple, and it was literally taken apart into individual stones, and a new foundation being built. Our guide didn’t know this and he’d been there about 3 months ago — the construction started about two months ago.

We were not too disappointed because we really went there for the walk rather than the temple itself, and the rice fields there are beautiful. But, a warning for other tourists is it will probably be another year before it’s fully reopened.

Marco in Toraja was amazing and I’d highly recommend to others, especially those doing some trekking. It was raining during our trekking day, and the ground was very muddy and slippery, which proved particularly difficult for my wife who kept sliding. Marko was a hero, and held her hands through the tricky bits and it all ended well. Staying in a home was really special, and gave us an insight into rural life in Toraja.

In all it was a fantastic trip that our family will be talking about for a long time.

David Kriegman, Mr