Ambon Tour & Banda Island

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Ambon tour to visit a stunning island that holds a wealth of hidden treasures is a traveler’s paradise. From its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters to its rich history and culture. Ambon is a paradise for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike. Visitors can explore the city’s historical sites, such as Fortress Amsterdam, the World Peace Gong, and the Pattimura Monument. In addition, Ambon is also famous for its beautiful underwater ecosystems, making it an ideal place for diving and snorkeling.

Banda Neira is a small town on the Island of Banda Besar, accessible either by ferry or plane from Ambon. Banda Neira has a captivating history that dates back to the colonial era when it was known as the “Spice Island”. This tiny town was once the center of a global trade empire and one of the most valuable sources of nutmeg and spices in the world. As a result, the island witnessed a lot of colonization, wars, and trading activities throughout history. Visitors can still see many of these influences in the town’s architecture, culture, and local people’s lifestyle. Some of the must-see attractions here include Fort Belgica, the Gunung Api volcano, the Banda Museum, and the famous Nutmeg Plantations.

Ambon Tour and Banda Neira are just two of the several hidden treasures waiting for you to be discovered!

Upon arrival at Ambon Pattimura Airport, you will be picked up and meet our guide at 07.00 am, then directly transfer to Banda Neira by car for around 1-hour drivers. Checked in at your hotel and free program.

After breakfast, you will be picked up by your guide and drive to Hatta Island for snorkeling & tours of the island of Hatta. Hatta Island is a small island located about 25 kilometers from the Banda Islands. The island was previously named Rozengain Island and was given the name Hatta because in the past Indonesia's second Vice President Mohammad Hatta had been exiled to Banda Naira. This is a form of respect for the local population to the figure of Bung Hatta who had previously devoted to providing education to children in Banda Naira during his exile. The beach on Hatta Island is arguably the most unique because there are deep-sea trenches near the coast and we can snorkel in clear sea water and healthy coral reefs that appear to surround the sea trough. After spending some time here snorkeling then go back to your hotel. Lunch & Dinner will be provided at a local restaurant

Breakfast at the hotel. Pick up at your hotel in the morning then drive for snorkeling & landing island to Run Island, Nailaka Island, and Ai Island. Lunch & Dinner will be provided at a local restaurant.

Breakfast at the hotel then drive to tour the city of Banda Neira to historical places, such as Nassau Fortress, Belgica Fortress, Mini Palace, House of Exile Hatta, House of Culture, etc. After lunch, head to Banda Besar Island to visit the Pala Plantation and Fort Hollandia.

Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will drive to climb the Volcano (For those interested), Banda Api volcano forms a small isolated 3-km-wide island in the Banda Sea, Indonesia, 130 km south of Makulu Island. The volcano rises 4000 m from the sea floor and is the most recent and very active cone of a 7 km wide volcanic caldera mostly underwater. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the region and is known for violent activity including tall ash emissions, lava fountaining, strombolian explosions, and occasional lava flows, some of which have reached the sea. Because of its (for Indonesia) unusually effusive behavior and frequent activity, Banda Api has also been given the nickname "Etna of the Banda Sea". After climbing then start snorkeling in the Lava Heat, Look for souvenirs

Cross back to Ambon. Upon arrival in Ambon, transfer to the airport and the trip ends (take flight at 19:00).


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