Bada Valley Sulawesi

  • 3 Days
  • Cultural
  • Easy

Bada Valley is located nestled within the rugged terrain of Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi. This National Park comprises one of the largest remaining mountainous rainforests. This UNESCO biosphere reserve is of high importance from biodiversity, cultural as well as archaeological points of view. Approximately 90% of the area is montane forest above 1,000 meters altitude, representing most of Sulawesi’s unique mountain flora and fauna as well as the endemic birds of Sulawesi.

The Bada Valley Sulawesi is not only a place of natural beauty and diverse wildlife but also a site of great historical intrigue. It has 700 years of approximately 400 granite megaliths, varying in size from just a few centimeters to 4.5 meters tall, the largest found in Indonesia. Various archaeological studies have dated the monuments from between 3000 BC to 1300 AD.

The origins and purposes of these collections of mysterious Sulawesi’s megalithic statues at Bada Valley are shrouded in mystery. Hundreds of megaliths between 67 to 83 sites have been found thus far. They are carved in abstract style in human or animal form.

The best time to visit Bada Valley

You can visit all year round, with a little bit of challenge during the wet season but still fun. But the best time to explore the Bada Valley is in May – September which is the dry season.

After the Rantepao tour in Tana Toraja, you can combine it with a tour to the Bada Valley Sulawesi. Visitors who love ancient civilizations and megalithic monuments will find this place particularly captivating.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Tentena ( Tentena is 1.5 hours from Poso )
  • Drive to Bada Valley for about 4 – 5  hours drive. Stops will be made en route at interesting places for spotting birds, flowers, butterflies or just for refreshment.
  • Lunch at the homestay or en route to Bada Valley.
  • Upon arrival at Bomba village in Bada Valley, check-in at a homestay with standard facilities.
  • From the homestay, start your megaliths tour by a combination of driving and trekking to visit a huge megalith of Sulawesi near the homestay.
  • Back to the homestay
  • Dinner and accommodation at the homestay
  • After breakfast another combination of driving with your private car or jeep to visit a huge megalith in Sepe area called Palindo. Located in Savannah and flat 7 km from your homestay, walk crossing hanging bridge and through cocoa plantations and rice fields.
  • From Palindo megalith, continue hikes towards Maturu, Crown, Kalambas and Oba megalith. Lunch will be on the way. After lunch continues hiking to the main road where a jeep will pick us up for transfer to visit Tinoe, traditional bark clothes processing then to Baula megaliths.
  • From Baula, by jeep drive back to Bomba village with stops en route at Tarai Roi and Ari Ipohi megalith.
  • Dinner and accommodation at the homestay.
  • After early breakfast drive back towards Tentena
  • Stop at the Malei rainforest area, located in the southern section of Lore Lindu National Park. Here you will meet a local ranger who will take you on a nature trek through the forest to spot birds and other animals. Birdlife is particularly plentiful here in the morning and you can expect to see hornbill, kingfishers and eagles, and a number of species that are endemic to Sulawesi. This morning’s walk will take you on a loop from the road through a protected area of forest and along riverbanks, taking approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Proceed drive to Petiro Rano for another easy graded jungle trekking to spot birds and wildlife.
  • Proceed drive to Tentena.
  • Check-in at your hotel at the edge of Lake Poso
  • Dinner at the hotel.
  • After dinner, at 7 PM start a 4-hours night tour in forested hills around Lake Poso with your local guide who knows exactly where to see the tarsier.


·         At around 11 PM back to your hotel for overnight


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