Optional : Bali Art Classes

  • 1 Day
  • Cultural
  • Easy

From bamboo flute to gamelans and gongs, Balinese instruments are complicated to master but simple enough to be rewarding for the beginner

Religion is such an intrinsic part of daily life in Bali, there is always a festival or celebration to prepare for. Here the guest will have an opportunity to make  offerings crafted from bamboo, palm leaves, fruit, flowers, rice, incense and coloured dough are an essential part of Balinese Hinduism.

Create your own work from scratch, or choose from a number of traditional templates.

You can learn how to craft one of models of statues given, such as flower, fish, key handle, astray, welcome signboard, assorted of fruits, toilet signboard, our garden signboard or cloth hanging.. Our instructor will teach you patiently, give explanations about the philosophy, materials, function, and maintenance of woodcarving and assist you to complete your work .You can bring your artwork home as a souvenir.

Our instructor will introduce different kinds of painting art styles and guide you in expressing your self in painting by choosing one of the painting styles such as flowers, scenic views, animals, ships or others. It takes around 1 hour to complete your artwork, and we believe that your talent is a precious thing.

You will learn from the dance instructor the basic movements of various Balinese dances, starting with the Welcome Dance, "Panyembrahma" or the Warrior Dance, "Baris". Both dances together form the basics of Balinese dancing in which all Balinese must master before learning others.

In this program you can learn the making of ceramics by the traditional way using a very traditional special clay  with traditional skills. She will guide you to make many styles of ceramic such as bowls and candle placements for elementary class, flower vases and ceramic plates for intermediate class.

Make a silver ring or pendant of your own design in just three hours from start to finish, while learning the basic skills of silversmithing. This course is offered daily from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. An additional class from 2 pm to 5 pm is sometimes added during high tourist seasons

Kites are very interesting thing but only some people can make a good kite. On this program the participant can learn the making of kites from the preparation of materials until the finishing of the kite. There are two types of kites: Traditional kites such as "Bebean" or a bird kite and a Modern kite such as a butterfly kite, or a ship kite.


  • Tailor Made Program
  • Flexible Departure Date
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